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Note from International Leadership Council Member Marine Fréminville

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To all of you, Focusing around the world,

It is an honor for me, Focuser since 1985, to address you as a member of the International Leadership Council (ILC). When I received the news that I had been nominated to be part of this Council which was created to bring a unique perspective to the Board of The Focusing Institute (TFI), especially regarding the International Community, I felt a deep gratitude towards my colleagues around the world and our founders Gene and Mary. A big question arose as to how to contribute to the restructuring movement in the best way possible.

Last October we, the ILC, did share with you in German, English, Spanish, French and Japanese, our commitment to promote viewpoints and exchanges about subjects which had caught the attention of the working groups formed during the Assembly of Coordinators in May. We have therefore translated summaries of 6 major themes listed on the website under the new heading "International Leadership Council" just after our photos - there to help you better identify us!

When Catherine Torpey, our Executive Director, invited me to express what I saw emerging or what I wanted to see emerge, the timing was great because we Québecois were going to be at the annual General Assembly of our Focusing association: Focusing Diffusion Québec. Once we elected a new board, we addressed this broad theme in our "orientation meeting" where we pay attention to all interesting Focusing projects and topics in our community for the coming year, 2015.

Since I see the ILC’s role / function as a 'bridge', a gateway, that communicates the views, wishes and visions between the Board of TFI (including its committees) and the local, regional, worldwide Focusing communities.  So I just bring you, in short, some of what this community to which I belong, in Quebec, might wish to see emerge following this question: what would you like to see emerge?

Some have felt a sense of calm in relation to the situation of Focusing internationally: "The original work of Gendlin will remain intact, in all its richness," even though the founder is no longer on the board. And even "if TFI restructuring process takes place slowly, there is something normal, even healthy that can enable more consistency." Locally "we continue to work here in our Focusing community, in our language."   Another person reported the image of a stream, like a wave moving up and down regularly.  At this meeting, it is about community and fluidity, although we appreciate being kept informed of what is happening at the helm of the ship, it is important that "already created programs and projects at the base, keep their ‘aliveness’ through our commitment." A question is launched: "what makes us unique? Then," If each country were asked to establish a charter, what everyone would like to see in it? " Another speaks of the community model of Plum Village created by Thich Nhat Hanh in France, which runs on a model of self-management, sometimes proceeding very slowly.

In fact, what matters in this "nursery of human experiences" is perseverance and while the first snow covers the ground, we will carefully take care of our roots.

I am very pleased to offer you my best wishes at the dawn of this New Year, 2015.

Let’s Cross the Bridge Together…

Marine Fréminville, Montreal, December 2014

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