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Hello from the International Leadership Council

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Since December of 2013, after our founders Gene Gendlin and Mary Hendricks Gendlin resigned as President and Executive Director, The Focusing Institute in New York has been in a process of re-organisation. Since then there have been many activities to find new structures and to include all Focusers worldwide. In addition to a new Board there is now an International Leadership Council (ILC) which was formed to broaden who is at the center of direction-setting at The Focusing Institute. The ILC works collaboratively and with mutual respect with the Board to advise it on whatever issues seem most pressing to the Focusing community.

We, the members of the ILC, want to let you know that we’ve begun meeting and are beginning to take steps forward. At this time, we’ve chosen to start working on issues that were identified at the Certifying Coordinators’ Assembly in May of this year. We’re planning to launch a page on the TFI website for the purpose of sharing these issues and others that we’re addressing. As soon as it’s available, we’ll post the address of this page.

As we are still in the phase of gathering ourselves together as a group, and gathering information and input from you, we ask for your input and thoughts so that we can bear your concerns in mind as we begin to move forward.  We would appreciate your input on any issues or needs you may have relating to The Focusing Institute, by sending an email to  (Members of the ILC can read messages in English, Japanese, Spanish, French and German.)

A committee is currently considering launching a large-scale strategic planning process, where your input will be solicited on a wide range of important questions to help us discern the future of The Focusing Institute. Our message today is simpler: we simply wish to open a door of communication between all Focusers world-wide and the International Leadership Council, so please email us at the address above.

This letter comes in Japanese, German, English, French and Spanish. If you speak another language, please feel free to translate the email into your language and to share it with the Focusing community in your area.

The International Leadership Council
Akira Ikemi (Japan), Ruth Hirsch (Israel), Hejo Feuerstein (Germany), Barbara McGavin (UK), Marine de Freminville (Canada), and Sergio Lara (Chile)

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