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Marion N. Hendricks-Gendlin, Ph.D.

Mary Hendricks

Marion N. Hendricks-Gendlin, Ph.D. was the Director of The Focusing Institute, an International not-for-profit organization from 1996 to 2007. She conducted workshops and lectures on Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy world wide.  She was in private practice for thirty years. She graduated from and received her client-centered training at the University of Chicago. She was one of the founders of CHANGES, a community therapy network where she trained clients, students, and therapists in listening and focusing, and participated in developing training materials.  She interned at the Post-Graduate Center for Mental Health in New York City, and then worked as a psychologist-trainer in the New York State Hospital system. She was a core faculty member at the Illinois School of Professional Psychology in Chicago for ten years, where she established and taught the Experiential/Client-Centered specialization.


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