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Contact Info:
Evanston, IL 60201 USA
Phone: 847-864-0303

Second office:
Chicago, IL 60601 USA
Phone: 847-864-0303
Website: Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy and Training

James R. Iberg, Ph.D., M.B.A.

Certifying Coordinator
Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapist
Focusing Trainer

Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapist (FOT) Information:
Clinical Training: U. of Chicago Psychology and the Chicago Counseling and Psychotherapy Research Ctr.
Licensed By: State of Illinois, Clinical Psychologist
FOT Specialty Areas: Trauma, Adolescents, Adults, Body Psychotherapy, Pain management, Couples, Pastoral counseling
Other Specialty Areas: Contemplating Career Changes, Grief, Depression and Anxiety

Focusing Trainer Information:
  • I offer Focusing training in individual sessions.
  • I offer Focusing training in individual phone sessions.
  • I offer Focusing workshops.
  • I am available for public presentations.
  • I am a TFI Certifying Coordinator. I offer training to become a TFI Certified Focusing Professional.
  • I am available to travel to teach workshops.
Focusing Trainer Specialty Areas: Creative process, Parenting, Business
Other Focusing Trainer Specialty Areas: Couple
Personal Statement about Training Program:
I offer training in Focusing for individuals, and Focusing-oriented Therapy.

I received my doctorate from the University of Chicago, where I studied Personality Processes and Focusing with Dr. Eugene Gendlin. I've been in private practice since 1982. I have conducted seminars on Focusing and Communication Skills in the US and several foreign countries. I had a long time affiliation with the Argosy University Illinois School for Professional Psychology.

A Sample of my Work:
About psychotherapy, see
and especially the section 'variables underlying the process events'

My Publications:
“Psychometric Development of Measures of In-session Focusing Activity: the Focusing-oriented Session Report and the Therapist Ratings of Client Process.” In J.C. Watson, R. Goldman, & M. Warner (Eds.), Client-centered and Experiential Psychotherapy in the 21st Century: Advances in Theory, Research and Practice. PCCS Books: Ross-on-Wye, UK, 2002.

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