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Contact Info:
Seattle, WA 98122 USA
Phone: 360-631-0946
Fax: 425-397-3541
Website: Focusing Northwest

Kevin C Krycka, Psy.D.

Certifying Coordinator
Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapist
Focusing Trainer

Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapist (FOT) Information:
Clinical Training: Person Centered and Psychoanalytic theory/practice.
Licensed By: None
FOT Specialty Areas: Adults, Couples
Other Specialty Areas: GLTB, Living with chronic or life-threatening illness

Focusing Trainer Information:
  • I offer Focusing training in individual sessions.
  • I offer Focusing training in individual phone sessions.
  • I offer Focusing workshops.
  • I am available for public presentations.
  • I offer training in Thinking At the Edge.
  • I am available to travel to teach workshops.
Focusing Trainer Specialty Areas: Spirituality/Meditation, College students and/or their teachers
Other Focusing Trainer Specialty Areas: Those
Personal Statement about Training Program:
Focusing is a basic human process. I teach Focusing so that we can regain contact with possibly the most fundimental aspect of our being called Presence. When we are in Presence we are not occupied with the past or the future, rather we become part of an on-going engagement with all-that-is as It unfolds. For me, this is the center point or point of focus for my life. I hope to share this process with those eager to come in conact with their core identity.

A Sample of my Work:
'In spite of the unusual burdens placed on the ill, some persons so affected come to employ an emodied dialouge (Focusing) in their own lives and what remains with great positive effect.' From: A Phenomenological Inquiry of Hope in Illness, 2005, in Caring for the Vulnerable, de Chesnay, Editor.

My Publications:
Krycka, K., (2005). A Phenomenological Inquiry of Hope in Illness, in Caring for the Vulnerable, de Chesnay, Editor.

Krycka, K. & Lambo, D. (2002). Gendlinís Edge: Toward a Fresh Understanding of Gay & Lesbian Presence. In J. Watson and M. Warner (Eds.), Client-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapy in the 21st Century: Advances in Theory, Research, and Practice (pp. 247-257). Llangarron, UK: PCCS Books.

Krycka, K. (2000). Shamanic Practices and the Treatment of Life-Threatening Medical Conditions. Journal of Transpersonal Psychology. 32(1), 69-87.

Krycka, K. (1999). Recovery of Will in Persons with AIDS. Reprinted in Focusing Folio. 18(1), 80-92.

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