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Contact Info:
Phone: 44(0)1707 286129

Mohamed Altawil, Ph.D.

Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapist
Focusing Trainer

Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapist (FOT) Information:
Clinical Training: Complex Trauma Therapy, CBT, Family and SystemicTherapy, Body and Movement Psychotherapy,
Licensed By: British Psychological Society (BPS), The Focusing Institute (New York), The Institute of Family Therapy.
FOT Specialty Areas: Children, Trauma, Adolescents, Eating disorders, Adults, Body Psychotherapy, Severe and persistent mental illness, Pain management, Couples

Focusing Trainer Information:
  • I offer Focusing training in individual sessions.
  • I offer Focusing training in individual phone sessions.
  • I offer Focusing workshops.
  • I am available for public presentations.
  • I offer Focusing Workshops by phone.
  • I am available to travel to teach workshops.
Focusing Trainer Specialty Areas: Children and/or their teachers, Spirituality/Meditation, Adolescents and/or their teachers, College students and/or their teachers, Body Work, Children, Parenting, Business, Social Change/ Conflict Mediation/ Community Development
Personal Statement about Training Program:
About myself:
I got my Master’s Degree and PhD in Mental Health at the Ain Shams University in Egypt.I was granted a scholarship by the Ford Foundation (USA) to study clinical psychology at the University of Hertfordshire. I was awarded my PhD from UH in September 2008.

About my training program:
My style of training programme is based on teaching Focusing through using art, objects, drama, movement and natural resources such as tree, water and sand. I have three approaches in teaching and using Focusing: a) Teaching Focusing for ordinary people b) Teaching Focusing for professionals. c) Using Focusing with clients/patients.

Why you care to teach Focusing ?
Because focusing is about helping the person to understand himself well. Focusing respects the humanity in the person and helps to give them some power over how they respond to life events.

A Sample of my Work:
See these Websites:
My IFP Portraits

Wellness & Focusing Project in Palestine/Gaza(Films)
Focusing Approach (Training 1), Jan.2012

Green Branch Clinic

Palestine Trauma Centre(UK)

My Publications:
Journal Articles:

Harrold, D. and Altawil, M. (2012). The Child, the Family and the Community: Overcoming Trauma in Gaza. The International Journal of Evacuee and War Child Studies, 1(9), pp.65-69.

Altawil, M.(2009). No Space to be a Child. The International Journal of Evacuee and War Child Studies, Vol.1, No 6, pp.57-63.

Altawil, M., Harrold, D., & Samara, M. (2008). Children of war in Palestine. The International Journal of Evacuee and War Child Studies, Vol.1, No 5, pp.5-11.

Conferences Articles:

Altawil, M., Nel, P.W.(2008). What are the possible reasons for different re-actions to chronic trauma?: A qualitative study. In GCMHP's Fifth International Conference, 'Siege and Mental Health… Walls vs. Bridges', Organized by Gaza Community Mental Health Programme (GCMHP) & World Health Organization (WHO) on 27th -28th October, 2008: Gaza City-Palestine

Altawil, M.(2008). The effects of chronic war trauma in the Gaza Strip. In 18th World Congress of the International Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professions (IACAPAP-Istanbul, 30th April-3rd May 2008).

Altawil, M.(2008). The effects of chronic trauma in the Gaza Strip. In Mental Health Services in Post War Iraq. Current & Future Focus (Abu Dhabi, UAE 18th -22nd February 2008).

Altawil, M. & Nel, P.W. (2007). Children exposed to chronic traumatic events in the Gaza Strip. 10th European Conference on Traumatic Stress (ECOTS, 6-9 June. Opatija, Croatia: Society for Psychological Assistance.

Book chapters

Altawil, M., Nel, P.W., Asker, A., Samara, M., & Harrold, D. (2008). The effects of chronic war trauma among Palestinian children. In M. Parsons (Ed.) Children: The invisible victims of war- An interdisciplinary study. Peterborough-England: DSM Technical Publications Ltd.

Altawil, M. (2003). Mental Health in Gaza-Palestine: The Islamic University of Gaza.

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