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Contact Info:
Lisboa 1050-135 PORTUGAL
Website: João da Fonseca

João Fonseca

Certifying Coordinator
Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapist
Focusing Trainer

Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapist (FOT) Information:
Clinical Training: Trained by Greg Madison, Astrid Schillings and Nicoleta Corsetti
Licensed By: TIFI, Alubrat, Sociedade Portuguesa de Psicoterapia Existencial and Ordem dos Psicólogos Portugueses
FOT Specialty Areas: Trauma, Adults, Body Psychotherapy
Other Specialty Areas: Focusing Oriented Psychotherapy, Focusing Trainer and Focusing Educator

Focusing Trainer Information:
  • I offer Focusing training in individual sessions.
  • I offer Focusing training in individual phone sessions.
  • I offer Focusing workshops.
  • I am available for public presentations.
  • I offer Focusing Workshops by phone.
  • I am available to travel to teach workshops.
Focusing Trainer Specialty Areas: Spirituality/Meditation, Body Work, Creative process, Social Change/ Conflict Mediation/ Community Development
Personal Statement about Training Program:
After being trained in Transpersonal and Existential Psychotherapy, I found a true body of work and resonance through Focusing that carries forward all of my past training and practice.
I like to say that, symbolically, my Transpersonal side represents the Sky and the possibilities, my Existential side is the Earth and its limits, and my Focusing side is the Body and the life where all of this is connected and processed.

A Sample of my Work:
'The word transpersonal is a concept not well knowned and quite recent, that has been used with the intention to honour a very ancestral reality in the history of mankind, one that has been present since the beggining of the world. That reality, can be translated in basic terms as the relation between men and the totality that envolves him. In here, men can gain an awareness of the holistic and spiritual nature of life, and that becomes a factor of primordial reverence'.

João da Fonseca (2010)

My Publications:
ONE BOOK WRITTEN about spirituality, psychology and the Transpersonal

Fonseca, J. (2010). Hologramas da consciência: a espiritualidade, a psicologia e o transpessoal. Lisboa: Edições DFP-Ispa

ARTICLES related to phenomenological investigation, existential theory, finitude, gerotranscendence and relaxation

Fonseca, J. (2013). Gerotranscendência: a teoria do envelhecimento positivo, Revista Zen Energy, 53, 44-47.

Fonseca, J (2011). Ageing-towards death: phenomenology of finitude during old-age, Existential Analysis, 22, (2), 325-343.

Fonseca, J. (2010). Fenomenologia da finitude no envelhecimento bem-sucedido. In A. Giorgi e D. Sousa (Eds), Método Fenomenológico de Investigação em Psicologia. (pp. 11-11). Lisboa. Fim de Século.

Fonseca, J. (2007). O papel da relaxação no percurso psicoterapêutico, Revista da Associação Portuguesa de Psicomotricidade, 9, 35-40.

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