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Laury Rappaport, Ph.D., A.T.R-B.C.

Certifying Coordinator
Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapist
Focusing Trainer
Contact Info:
Santa Rosa, CA 95404 USA
Phone: 707-569-6264
Website: Focusing and Expressive Arts Institute

Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapist (FOT) Information:
Clinical Training: Ph.D. in Psychology and Spirituality
Licensed By: Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MA); Licensed Mental Health Counselor (MA)
FOT Specialty Areas: Children, Trauma, Adolescents, Adults, Couples
Other Specialty Areas: physical illness and health/wellness; spirituality; meditation

Focusing Trainer Information:
  • I offer Focusing training in individual sessions.
  • I offer Focusing training in individual phone sessions.
  • I offer Focusing workshops.
  • I am available for public presentations.
  • I am a TFI Certifying Coordinator. I offer training to become a TFI Certified Focusing Professional.
  • I am available to travel to teach workshops.
Focusing Trainer Specialty Areas: Children and/or their teachers, Spirituality/Meditation, Adolescents and/or their teachers, College students and/or their teachers, Creative process, Children, Parenting, Dance, Medical Applications, Business, Work Projects, Social Change/ Conflict Mediation/ Community Development
Other Focusing Trainer Specialty Areas: Focusing-Oriented Art Therapy; Focusing-Oriented Expressive Arts Therapy
Personal Statement about Training Program:
I have been practicing and teaching Focusing for thirty years. While I train people in Gendlin's Focusing method and Focusing-Oriented therapy, my specialty is the creative synthesis of Focusing with the expressive arts therapies, which I named 'Focusing-Oriented Art Therapy,' and 'Focusing-Oriented Expressive Arts Therapy.' The theoretical principles and clinical practice of both Focusing and Expressive Arts Therapies are interwoven into a gentle, deeply healing, alchemical process. I offer training in Focusing, Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy, and Focusing-Oriented Art/Expressive Arts Therapy. I am the author of Focusing-Oriented Art Therapy: Accessing the Body's Wisdom and Creative Intelligence, which is published in Japanese with supervising translators, Akira Ikemi and Maki Miyaki.

A Sample of my Work:
'Focusing offers an added dimension of connecting the imaginal realm with mindfulness and the bodily felt experience. Art therapy offers Focusing an array of methods, tools, materials, and depth of understanding the healing power of imagery to give visual expression to the “felt sense.” Art therapy offers a nonverbal modality to capture aspects of the felt sense that are beyond words or before words.' (Rappaport, Focusing-Oriented Art Therapy excerpt).

My Publications:
Focusing-Oriented Art therapy: Accessing the Body's Wisdom and Creative Intelliegence.London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2009.

Focusing-Oriented Art Therapy with Trauma. Journal of Person-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapy. In Press

Focusing-Oriented Art Therapy. The Folio: Journal of Focusing and Experiential Therapy, 30th Anniversary Edition, 2009.

“Focusing and Expressive Arts Therapy as a Complementary Treatment for Women with Breast Cancer,” co-authored with Klagsbrun, Rappaport, Marcow-Speiser, Byers, Post, Stepakoff, and Karman, to be published in Journal of Creativity and Mental Health, 2006.

'Clearing A Space: Accessing and Expressing the Wholeness Within Through Art', 2006, unpublished.

“Focusing and Art Therapy: Tools for Healing from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder” in the Focusing Folio, 1998

“Focusing, Art, and Creative Movement: A Method for Stress Management.” Focusing Connection, 1992

“Focusing and Art Therapy,” in the Focusing Connection, May 1988

“Focusing and Body-Work” in the Focusing Connection. Co-authored with Neil Friedman, May 1985.

“Integrating Expressive Therapies Into A Day Treatment Setting,” in Proceedings of American Association of Partial-Hospitalization, 1980. Co-authored with Shelley Cushner.

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