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Articles and books by Gendlin

Gendlin, E.T. (1986). Contents (pp. iii-iv) & Chapter 2: The questions (pp. 9-17). In Let your body interpret your dreams.

Gendlin, E. T. (1986). Let your body interpret your dreams. Wilmette, IL: Chiron Publications. Asking the Dream Questions. This CD is a good accompaniment to the book, "Let Your Body Interpret Your Dreams".

Gendlin, E.T. (1992). Three learnings since the dreambook. The Folio, 11, 1, 25-30.

Gendlin, E. T. (1996). Focusing-oriented psychotherapy: A manual of the experiential method. New York: Guilford Press.

Gendlin, E.T. (1977). Phenomenological concept versus phenomenological method: A critique of Medard Boss on dreams. Soundings, 60, 285-300.

Gendlin, E.T. (1997). A process model. New York: The Focusing Institute.

Gendlin, E. T. (1997). Experiencing and the creation of meaning: A philosophical and psychological approach to the subjective. Evanston, IL: Northwestern University Press.

Gendlin, E. T. (1999). Focusing in der Praxis: eine schulübergreifende Methode für Psychotherapie und Alltag. Stuttgart: Pfeiffer bei Klett-Cotta.

Gendlin, E.T. (2012). Body dreamwork. In D. Barrett & P. McNamara (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Sleep and Dreams. Santa Barbara, CA: Greenwood.

Working with Dreams by Eugene Gendlin. 4 CD set. 5 dream sessions.


Dream resources by others

A TRIO OF DREAMS by T. M. Cuijpers-Kessels. The Folio. 2016.

Conversations: August 2012: Leslie Ellis

Dreams: Bringing Us Two Steps Closer to the Client's Perspective by Andrea Koch. Person-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapies, Volume 8, Number 4

Dreams and the person-centered approach: cherishing client experiencing by Andrea Koch (2012)

Experiencing Level in Dreams: An Individual Difference Variable by Marion Hendricks University of Chicago and Rosalind D. Cartwright University Of Illinois at Chicago Circle Psychotherapy: Theory, Research And Practice Volume 15. #3. Fall. 1978

Green Dream by Jael Emberley, CFT. The Folio. 2013.

THE INNER JOURNEY: Focusing and Jung by Leslie Ellis, MA, RCC. The Folio. 2014.

The Interweaving of Dreaming & Focusing by Andrea Koch from The Focusing Connection, November 2011

The Shortest Focusing Session Ever by Bala Jaison, Ph.D. The Folio. 2013.

Workshop: Traumerleben und Traumgespräche by Andrea Koch - Gesprächspsychotherapie und Personzentrierte Beratung March 2009

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