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Afternoon Workshops

At the 12th Annual Focusing Institute Summer School (FISS 2017)

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Ann Weiser Cornell

»   The Worlds of Focusing — with Nada Lou
An introduction to some of the main ways that Focusing is presented, and what they all have in common… in other words, “What is the essence of Focusing?” Includes an exploration of Focusing terminology such as felt sense and carrying forward. Also an introduction to the work of the International Focusing Institute from Catherine Torpey, Executive Director of the Institute.
»   Releasing Your Blocks to Being Your Full Expressive Self
Do you long to express yourself – in writing, in art or music, in speaking? Do you have a creation in you that is yearning to emerge? Would you like to bring your true self more fully into the world? Blocks to creative expression can be seen as an inner war involving criticizing or shaming parts of us that are afraid of other people’s reactions, other parts that get scared nothing will happen and start to push – and rebellious parts that don’t want to be told what to do. In this workshop I’ll show you a step-by-step process to help you get unblocked and bring your gifts into the world.
»   The Art of Facilitative Language – for Healing Professionals and Focusing Partners
Facilitating Focusing in another person is an art that requires, first of all, our own embodied Presence. After that, we can also enhance our facilitation by fine-tuning the language we are using. I’ve been having fun exploring the language of Focusing for over 30 years. This workshop includes: how to facilitate Focusing without using the words “Focusing” or “felt sense,” how to invite a body sense without using the word “body,” the trouble with asking questions, using “cushions” with invitations, the three amazing uses of the word “something,” the least facilitative word and how to avoid it.

Glenn Fleisch

»   Poetry of the body
Poetry reflects the language of soul and the expressions of heart-  poetizing movement of the body’s spirit on Earth. As Heidegger states, “In poetizing... [we are] gathered on the ground of...existence.” Starting with the experience of Grounded Presence, we will sample poetic readings, inviting our whole body to be touched and moved by each poem. And as this awakens the poetic spirit within us, we will use Focusing to embody and channel a poem of our own- and share with a partner. Letting our body live more poetically is a movement toward recovering our spirit.
»  Awakening the body’s life-energy and spirit
Our Natural Body is the storehouse, the wellspring of untapped life energy and vitality. We will be undertaking a journey into our natural body, the inner child of aliveness, in order to activate and awaken its spirit. Through creating a safe space, we will use guided exercises and music to awaken this vital energy, letting the body move  in sync with music and animating its playful, alive spirit. This whole body process can transform body-mind patterns and open to new possibilities of embodying our unharmed, pristine natural child.
»   Embodying the Hara- entering the vital center of Being
Hara is a Japanese term that has no direct translation. It can simply be translated as “belly,” the whole middle area of the body, directly below the navel. However, it actually refers to a center place of awareness as well as the central axis around which our bodily living revolves. Hara means... the physical embodiment of the original Life center... (K. G. Durckheim). Hara really refers to our soul, the core of a person’s character and ways of being in the world.  To develop Hara thus reflects the whole felt sense of being connected with the ground, the Mother Earth, and living from this Center- the central axis of the physical body, the living core of our spirit-body. Using practices from WBF (e.g. Grounded Presence) as well as deep breathing, we will together enter the region of Hara, opening awareness to living from a lower center of gravity. As we invite energy and awareness to move downward and inward into the belly, and below, we will explore its effects on our whole embodied sense of Self- including how  developing connection with Hara can transform the practice of Focusing. .

Nada Lou

»   Dreams open doors to Focusing
In this workshop we will explore and interpret your dreams in felt sensing way. Your dream knows a lot more about you than you do! Your body can open up to your inner knowing spontaneously in the dream, because it can bypass the usual daily intrusion. Dreams bring you something that Focusing doesn’t access as easily. Once you learn how to hold the dream in a Focusing way, and let the felt sense, not the content of the dream, connect to your situation, it will give you support, interpretation and the next step for carrying forward your situation. Interpreting your dreams in this way can be taught and learned.
»   The Body’s Search for Spirit — BioSpirituality
There is a spirit dimension in body that can be explored through felt sensing in Focusing. In this workshop, I will introduce the fundamentals of the BioSpiritual Focusing approach. In an experiential way you will learn how your body connects to a larger BODY. Different spiritual traditions call this transcendent reality by different names and therefore this approach is not limited to a specific religious practice. We will explore BioSpiritual topics - caring feeling presence, a space for grace, the art of dwelling, connection to a source of new information and new energy, and much more.
»   The Worlds of Focusing — with Ann Weiser Cornell
An introduction to some of the main ways that Focusing is presented, and what they all have in common… in other words, “What is the essence of Focusing?” Includes an exploration of Focusing terminology such as felt sense and carrying forward. Also an introduction to the work of the Focusing Institute from Catherine Torpey, Executive Director of the Institute.

Tobias von Schulthess

»   The Grid – Researching interaction in encounter
The improvised play on stage and in life is mainly about encountering each other and the creations that show up. For this purpose we use a setting called “The Grid,” which was originally designed for actor training. We move along a grid with some rules. This inspires us to explore a huge variety of created stories. We discover too, how restrictions reveal new qualities and resources for our improvised encounters. Focusing supports us in following the flow of our own story and offering our contributions in connection with the flow of whole context. This is an unlimited, extensive and fascinating process.
»   The Heart of Stories
A story always has different layers. Some of these layers are obvious and can easily be named because there are already words for them. As Focusers and playbackers (those who practice Playback Theatre) we are interested in the story between the lines. The artistic methods support us in finding the essence and heart of a story. We explore these parts with drawing, moving, cloth and sound. When we get in touch with the heart of the story, we feel the beat of life and that also means that there is a resonance that goes beyond the individual meaning of a story. We realize that every individual story also has a universal part. Let’s watch and discover!
»   Happiness and the Four Elements
Happiness happens, when we feel in our elements. We all are connected to the earth, are made out of water, need air to live and move and finally know the power of love. Let’s discover through our play and acting our personal relation to these four elements: Earth stands for a solid groundwork that supports us. Water is the element that encourages us to find our own shape and power. Air encourages us to give our life a direction. And finally the fire symbolizes our passion and the love to bring our gift into this world. Let’s watch and discover!

Please Note: Afternoon workshops do not require pre-registration.

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