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Introduction to the Felt Community

MAE Group

A group of Focusers meeting on the island of Ischia, coming from the Unites States, Ireland, Greece, Belgium, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands. More ...

Currently the cultural routines and roles that used to connect us are insufficient. We have to innovate all day, find new ways to be a woman, man, wife, parent, teacher, executive, old person, young person. Our close relationships tend to fall apart. "Nobody seems to fit with me," people say.  Each person is intricate inside, and lonely.  Modern urban society is atomized.

With Focusing we find that the human body is much more finely ordered than the definitions of our various cultures and common phrases. Behind the usual emotions, feelings, memories, images, perceptions, and thoughts is the directly-sensed murky zone. When it opens we discover that we and others are rich, intricate, finely organized and always imply freshly emerging possibilities. 

Focusing frees people from being manipulated by external authority, cultural roles, ideologies and their internalized oppression. When people know Focusing they refuse to take themselves or any other person as merely an instance of a culturally defined category or group. We know from experience that the human being in front of us is more than any method, any set of beliefs, purpose, or project. New steps come with an "inner rightness."

"For the first time in my life I feel that I belong to a group of people whose way of being with themselves and others expands, rather than contracts, my best sense of myself.  More and more people are developing Focusing Partnerships, forming a virtual felt community throughout the world."

We estimate there are one million people practicing Focusing.  We invite you to participate in our non-geographic felt community by joining our discussion list, becoming a member, volunteering to work with us, becoming a Focusing Partner, supporting our work through a donation, attending our annual conference or our workshops.

Garisson Instittue

The Focusing Summer School is held at the Garrison Institute - a wonderful place to learn Focusing and be part of the Felt Community.

Celebrate Gene Month in Japan

Celebrate Gene Month event in Tokyo, Japan

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