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North America

Judy Archer

Avery Counselling
Charlaine Avery
Monica Bhatara
Chiara Borrello
Lucy Bowers

Introducing Focusing
Anna Jean Bradley
Gina Cenciose

Shulamit Day Berlevtov (website)
Shulamit Day Berlevtov
Marine de Freminville
Leslie Ellis

Integral Counselling BC
Pauline Goh
Soti Grafanaki
Katarina Halm

Inspire Counselling Services
Lieneke Hewlett
François-Charles Jullien
Renee La Roi Focusing in Focus
Nada Lou
Judy Lyon
Andrew MacDonald

Focusing Québec
Patricia Manessy

Interactive Focusing
Mary McGuire

Bodymind Focusing
Barbara Merkur
Tamara Pearl
Ava Perraton
Clive Perraton Mountford
Alexandra Poggi
Kathy Roy
Solange St Pierre
Donna Steadman
Sheila Stevens
Luciemay Therrien

Voie de la Santé
Jonathan Varghese
Karen Wallace

Therapy Toronto
Malcolm Welland
Jessica Zormann

Costa Rica
Psychotherapy and New World Meditation training international practice via the web
Lucinda Gray

Recovery Focusing
Suzanne Noel

El Salvador
Eduardo Esquivel

Leslie Burak
Mónica Gómez Galaz

Focusing México
Salvador Moreno López

Emily Agnew

Alexander Mediation Group
Rachel Alexander

John Amodeo, Ph.D.
John Amodeo
Elizabeth Baring
Jack Blackburn
Beatrice Blake

Imagine A Path
Tara Breitenbucher
Anastasia Brencick

Helene Brenner, Ph.D., Focusing-Oriented Psychologist & Author
Helene Brenner
Naoko Nakano Brown

Transform Your Life
Sandy Jahmi Burg
Daphne Bye

Focusing Choices
Marcella Calabi
Beverly Calderon

Calliope Callias, PhD
Calliope Callias

Cynthia Callsen, LCSW, DCSW
Cynthia Callsen

Francesca Castaldi

TheraVie Wellness
Rashmi Chidanand

The BioSpiritual Institute
Joseph Colletti

Living Words
Gena Corea

Focusing Resources
Ann Weiser Cornell

Journey of Motherhood
Joanne Dahill
Melinda Darer

Joalie E. Davie
Joya D'Cruz
Russell Delman

My Certified Focusing Professional Page
Barbara Dickinson

Inner Life Stream Focusing
Laura Dickinson
Neil Dunaetz
Janice Everett

Opening Horizons
Evelyn Fendler-Lee

Being InSpirit
Michele Ferraro

Focusing New England
Andrew Fieleke, LMHC

Heidi's Table: At home in your body, at home in the world
Heidi Fischbach

Dawn Flynn, ND, EAMP
Dawn Flynn
Jonathan Foust

Move Into Change
Judith Garfinkel
Dan Grandstaff
Patricia Graves

Psychotherapy and Fast Track Meditation Training in LA
Lucinda Gray
Doralee Grindler Katonah

Living Forward Whole
Doralee Grindler Katonah

Marks the Way to the Heart
Helen Hawes

Lucinda Hayden
Casey Hayes

http://www.linkedin/in/Nicholas Head
http://www.linkedin/in/Nicholas Head
Nicholas Head
Angelina Hensley
Kara Hill, MA, LHMC

"Elfie Hinterkopf, Ph.D."
Elfie Hinterkopf

Conscious Touch Focusing: Heal your Self, Nurture your Soul
Ruth Hirsch

My Business website
Jan Hodgman,,
Charlotte Howorth

Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy and Training
James Iberg

Healing, Growth and Wholeness
Jocelyn Kahn

Flatiron Psychotherapy Associates
Robin Kappy

Colleen Kelly a Marriage and Family Therapist with offices in Encino & Irvine
Colleen Kelly

Long Island Focusing Center
Lori Ketover

Focusing New England
Joan Klagsbrun
Ann Knox
Brian Korzec

Focusing Northwest
Kevin Krycka

Focusing for Mental Health Professionals with Carol Lambert, PhD
Carol Lambert,,
Joan Lavender

Interamerican Focusing Institute
Robert Lee

Restoring Connection(TM) With Life & Thriving
Elizabeth Lehmann

Susan Lennox Coaching & Psychotherapy
Susan Lennox
Susan Lennox

Frederick Counseling & Psychological Services
Larry Letich

Rockville Counseling & Psychotherapy Services
Larry Letich

Homecoming Counseling and Hypnotherapy
Jocelyn Lopatin
Randi Love
Randi Love
Alison Lufkin
Kimberly Luybli

Body, Breath & Being
Bret Lyon
Beth Mahler
Diana Marder
Lauren Mari-Navarro

David R Martin, MD
David Martin
Wendi Maurer

L. Lee Miller
L. Lee Miller
Jeffrey Morrison
Michael Nagel
Kye Nelson

Carol Nickerson
Carol Nickerson

Focusing in Action
Andrew Nickolson

Chaitanya Counseling Services, Sallie Norquist, PhD
Sallie Norquist
Mary Owen
Cathy Pascal

The Wise Mind Institute
Susan Pearson

The Houston Focusing Center
Carole G. Pentony

Proactive Change
Serge Prengel

Focusing Oriented Relational Psychotherapy
Lynn Preston

Focusing and Expressive Arts Institute
Laury Rappaport
David Rome

Lynn Rosen
Lara Rosenthal
Susan Rudnick

Aperture Coaching
Elke Ruggaber
Yoshimi Shimizu

Open Meadow Coaching
Beverly Shoenberger
Jen Singer

The Centered Body Mind
Mary Slocum
David Smith
Marsha Smith, LCSW
David Spellman
Cynthia Spellman MD
Simon Spire

Psychotherapy for Couples, Individuals, and Groups
Margo Steinfeld
Sharry Teague
Jake Thiessen
Julie Townsend
Donna Varnau
Barbara Whitney

DiaPraxis: Facilitating Creative Collaboration
Rosa Zubizarreta


Deutsches Ausbildungsinstitut für Focusing und Focusing-Therapie (DAF)
Johannes Wiltschko

Jessica Delooz
Frans Depestele

Well-being counsellor - Connecting with your Wholeness
Ruth Friedman

The Belgian and Luxembourgish Focusing Center
Olivier Gourmet
Claude Missiaen
Lara Elisabeth Peumans
Tine Swyngedouw
Fabienne Tejpar

Els Thibau

The Belgian and Luxembourgish Focusing Center
Véronique Timmermans
Chris Van de Veire
Siebrecht Vanhooren
Erwin Vlerick
Lia Zagers

Focusing Kompetenz Zentrum
Elmar Kruithoff

Inner Focusing
Chris Nunan

The Scandinavian Focusing Institute (SFI)
Birte Robins

Sari Ajanko
Maria Hakasalo
Sari Pekki
Wilbert Wils

Brigitte Domas

Ecole francophone en ligne de formation à l' IRF (Inner Relationship Focusing) de Ann Weiser Cornell
Pascal Hastir

IFEF - Institut de Focusing d'Europe Francophone
Bernadette Lamboy
Alex Maunder
Ana Zunic

Friedgard Blob

The Focusing Center
Karin Bundschuh-Mueller

Rainer Eggebrecht
Heidrun Essler

Horizonte Öffnen
Evelyn Fendler-Lee

Focusing Zentrum Karlsruhe
Heijo Feuerstein

Thomas Franke - Psychotherapie, Supervision, Begutachtung
Thomas Franke

Maria-Anne Gallen

Cornelius Gehrig

igf Integrale Gesprächstherapie, Focusing & Coaching muenchen;
Peter Helmer

Mediation, Supervision, Coaching, Focusing
Lothar Kammer

Focusing lernen
Arno Katz
Angelika Kopecny
Engelbert Langhammer

Interamerican Focusing Institute
Robert Lee

The Focusing Center
Dieter Müller

Katrin Oberländer Coaching
Katrin Oberländer
Ursula Ohse

Institut für Gesprächs- und Focusingtherapie (igf)
Kreim Oliver

sinn erleben - Coaching | Focusing | Beratung
Christa Özcan

Deutsches Ausbildungsinstitut für Focusing und Focusing-Therapie and
Klaus Renn
Elisabeth Schätzler
Astrid Schillings

Psychologisches Beratungszentrum in Iserlohn
Ulrich Schlünder

Beate Wüpper Coaching
Beate Wuepper

Patricia Foster
Soti Grafanaki

Hellenic Focusing Center
Anna Karali

Hellenic Focusing Center
Nikolaos Kypriotakis

Hellenic Focusing Center
Pavlo Zarogiannis

Ildikó Davis
Árpád Kántor

Ireland, Republic Of
Christine Beekman-Maes

Il blog di Letizia Baglioni
Letizia Baglioni
Luca Barletta
patrizia bonaca
Ercole Boni
Rosanna Camerlingo
Aurora Castilla
Mario Censori
Nicoletta Corsetti
Emanuela Fonticoli

Mi curo di me - Volersi bene - Mi ascolto in modo nuovo
Valerio Giuseppe Loda
Donatella Morelli

Scuola Italiana di Focusing - SIdf
Guido Pappalardo
Emmy Parisi
Olga Beatriz Pasquini
Alessandra Plesi
Germana Ponte
Laura Talamoni
Roberto Tecchio
Monica Zambelli
Massimo Zarghetta

The Luxembourgish Focusing Center
Olivier Gourmet

Grounded Space Focusing
Vera Rolfine Fryd Lyngmo
Kjell Ribert

Edgar Correia - Psicólogo, Psicoterapeuta
Edgar Agrela Correia

João da Fonseca
João Fonseca

Tomeu Barceló Rosselló

Yolanda Bernardez Morales
Yolanda Bernardez Morales
Isabel Gascón Juste
Carlos González Pérez

Focusing Crecimiento personal
Flora Osborne Maestre

Conexión Más Auténtica
F Javier Romeo-Biedma
Ana Santiago Urquijo

Ulla-Stina Johansson
Annika Aninca Karlsson

Kopfweh Zentrum
Reto Agosti
Barbara Altwegg
Daniel Baerlocher

Die bewusste Gestaltung der eigenen Persönlichkeit
Beatrice Bircher
Florian Christensen
Claudia Conza Distel

Focusing Forum Zürich
Teresa Dawson

Focusing-orientierte Beratung Coaching Supervision, Focusing Grundlagenkurse
Theres Fleury

Focusingforum Bern
Theres Fleury

Spiritual Dreamwork
Ursina Fried-Turnes
Christiane Geiser

Shiatsu Rückentherapie Focusing - Renate Hobi
Renate Hobi
Eveline Moor Zullig
Hanspeter Muehlethaler
Anita Oetiker-Eich
Denise Viswanathan
Tobias von Schulthess

The Netherlands
Trees Cuijpers-Kessels

Erna de Bruijn
Aaffien de Vries
Marieke Hoeve

eSpiral ~ bodywork & storytelling
Esther Kornalijnslijper

Christine Langeveld

Focuspraktijk Helianth
Barbara Rolsma-Weighell

De Ruimte
Harriet Teeuw

Focussen, individuele coaching, psychologische begeleiding
Marion van den Boogaard

Ria van Hage
René Veugelers

Attune Samen meer rendement uit talent
Sonja Vlaar
Esther Wijs

United Kingdom
Focusing and Listening
Peter Afford
Mohamed Altawil

Focusing For All
Pamela Carr
Elizabeth English
Rob Foxcroft

Nigel Gibbons Counselling
Nigel Gibbons

living focusing
Peter Gill

Green Shoots Therapy
Justin Haden
Daniel Hadjiandreou
Kay Hoffmann
Susan Jordan

Dyslexia Action
Simon Kilner

Canopy Counselling
Sabine Lees
Greg Madison
Greg Madison
Judy Moore
Gerard Murray

Clare Myatt
Clare Myatt

Fiona Parr Focusing
Fiona Parr
Amanda Raine

Breathe and Be Ltd
Catherine Rowan
Cathy Rowan
Elizabeth Smith
Caroline Sutton MA MBACP

New Focus Therapy
John Threadgold

wholebody counselling
Lucy van Praag


Ka Hing Peter Cheung
Yuet-fun, Fanny Ko

Nourish Counselling Centre
Mr. Chung Hong Harvey Ma

Hong Kong China
Yuet-fun, Fanny Ko

Unleashing.Mind Growth Place
Wai-tong Lee

Tal Alon Mann
Shai Ben Dror
Ifat Eckstein

pashtut - move through listening and breathing
Chen Ein-Habar

19th International Focusing Conference, Israel 2007
Bilha Frohlinger
Dana Ganihar Raz
Gali Geva Bar Yochay

Conscious Touch Focusing: Heal your Self, Nurture your Soul
Ruth Hirsch
Yarden Kerem, M.A.

19th International Focusing Conference, Israel 2007
Atsmaout Perlstein

Kelim Shloovim - Focusing
Yiscah Shumer
Irit Tessel

Naomi Horio
Akira Ikemi
Miyoko Iwai
Kenro Miki

New Zealand
the Sentient Soul
Su Carson

Jacinda Doogue
Judy Leith
Si Wai Tong

Taiwan China
Victor Chang


Biliana Dearly

Focusing Australia
Jo Kennedy
Lynette Lancini

The Focusing Space
Christopher McLean
Jane Quayle
Leonie Stewart-Weeks
Adrian van den Bok
Greg Walkerden

South America

Francesca Castaldi
Nicoletta Corsetti

Focusing Institute Argentina
Elena Frezza

Mauricio Gutierrez Nebuloni
Alfo Palombo
Mónica Pérez Iturraspe
Florentina Sassoli
Gabriela Toyama
Analia Zaccai

Maria Luiza Rocha de Andrade

Edgardo Riveros Aedo

Victoria Stanham


South Africa
Pam Wernich



The Japan Focusing Association has an English home page containing information on Focusing in Japan. Japan Focusing Association's newsletter - Focusing in the World.




Bayerisches Gradulerten - und Postgraduiertennetz

British Focusing Teachers Association: BFTA is an association of people in Britain who are teaching or using Focusing in a professional context. It currently awards certificates to people who complete the BFTA Certificate in Focusing Skills course, and to students completing Practitioner and Teacher courses. It also organises an annual meeting and encourages peer support between members.

Dr. Michael Balk: workshops and training in Focusing, as well as coaching and supervision for managers, educators, and teachers.

Focussen in Nederland en België Diese Website wendet sich an Menschen im deutschen Sprachraum, die sich für Focusing, insbesondere für Inner Relationship Focusing, interessieren und die sich einen umfassenden Überblick verschaffen wollen. ( is a German language website that gives general information about Focusing, especially Inner Relationship Focusing, and provides links to other German Focusing sites.)

FÓKUSZOLÁS.HU This website is dedicated not just to the Hungarian Focusing Community, but also for everyone who is intrested in this useful method. It contains articles about the method itself, translations from the English literature, interviews with the members of the Community, and recent news about the focusing groups and events.

Gesprächspsychotherapie Focusing Korperpsycholtherapie


Welkom bij Stichting KinderFocussen

Willkommen bei "DerAnderenArtZuBeraten".  Welcome to "The Other Art Of Consulting"

South America

Focusing Argentina

Instituto Focusing Chile

North America

The International Association for Focusing Oriented Therapists (IAFOTs) is an interest group of Psychotherapists, Psychologists, Counsellors, and anyone interested in the integration of Focusing and Gendlin’s Philosophy of the Implicit into therapeutic approaches. We have a new website with information on various Focusing approaches to therapy.

Institute for BioSpiritual Research: This website was developed and is maintained by the founders of The Biospiritual Focusing Institute, Revs. Pete Campbell and Ed McMahon. Their wonderful work has run parallel to ours for the last 30 years. They have integrated Focusing into the Christian spiritual tradition. They have written extensively and have a world wide network of Focusing Companions.

New England Focusing


Allan Turner's Person-Centred Counselling Home Page: a useful good compilation of Client-Centered training opportunities and other CCT information.

The Human Potential Center:  The Human Potential Center, in Austin, Texas, is a nonprofit Fitness Center for the Mind and Heart. It offers programs designed to tap the creativity, the love and the playfulness of the human spirit. The Center is based on the work of humanistic and transpersonal psychologists like Carl Rogers, Abraham Maslow and Virginia Satir.

PCCS Books, a small publishing company specialising in books on counselling and psychotherapy with a focus on the person-centred approach

Person-Centered International: Jerold D. Bozarth, Ph.D. and Samuel R. Evans, M.Ed.

Peter F. Schmid: The Person-Centred Website.


Center for Nonviolent Communication.  A global organization helping people compassionately connect with themselves and one another through Nonviolent Communication® a process created by Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D.

The National Office of the Foundation for Ethics & Meaning and the Tampa-based Institute for Ethics & Meaning

Tikkun:  A Jewish Critique of Politics, Culture and Society


Assocation for Humanistic Psychology

Emotion-Focused Therapy Clinic The EFT Clinic is affiliated with the York University Psychology Clinic (YUPC), a new state-of-the-art community mental health and training centre associated with the Department of Psychology in the Faculty of Health at York University.

Focusing in Meditation

Self Knowledge for Creative Personal Growth This site is dedicated to all people who simply wish to be who they are and fulfill their potential. It is dedicated to everyone who finds themselves seeking comfort in a sometimes uncomfortable world.

The Bodymind Healing Center specializes in using ancient sacred wisdom traditions to help heal the "dis-eases" of modern life. "We provide individually oriented psychotherapy and healing sessions as well as referrals to body-mind healers in the San Francisco Bay Area. We also linked with the Health Medicine Panels, teams of traditional and complimentary health professionals, whose exciting multidisciplinary teamwork is on the cutting edge of today's revolution in healthcare.We also provide classes and workshops in bodymind healing and publications on ancient and modern methods for healing the body-mind."

The ByRegion Network: this series of directories presents profiles and contact information about Healers of the Body, Mind, Spirit and Planet. The Directory is divided by Category and by Region.

The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique

The Developing Company:     Symbolic Modelling, The Metaphor Therapy and Clean Language of David Grove, and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). It contains over 40 articles written by Penny Tompkins, James Lawley, David Grove and many others.

Ergos Institute, about Somatic Experiencing® and healing trauma.

Focalizing is primarily a stand-alone process for bringing new life energy and perspective to times of crises.

Focus the Power of Your Brain.   Dr. Ray Mulry.  IN THE ZONE: Making Winning Moments Your Way of Life

Friends of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, studying consciousness and ways of knowing (noetics), with membership activities in Greater New York.

Guilford Publications, Inc., was founded in 1973, with a full-time staff of just one person.  We've since grown to over fifty times that number, and have built an international reputation as a publisher of books, periodicals, software, and audiovisual programs in a wide range of mental health and social science disciplines.

HealthWorld Online's Professional Referral Network offers the most complete online resource for practitioners of alternative & complementary medicine and integrative health care.

The Institute for Authentic Process Healing.  Authentic Process Healing (APH) is a paradigm that integrates body, mind, and spirit in the journey toward wholeness. 

Mental Health Recovery Self-Help Strategies  Mary Ellen Copeland, M.A., M.S.

Mindfulness Centered Therapies is an eclectic blend of three time-tested experiential counseling methods: Hakomi, Internal Family Systems, and Focusing. Each of these methods is based on the cultivation and use of mindfulness.

Omega Institute, the nation's largest holistic learning center, offers workshops, retreats, and conferences. Focusing workshops are sometimes held here.

Pre-Therapy International Network

Relating Without Violence (RWV), by Ralph Bierman, Ph.D.

Russell Delman

The Society of Existential Analysis: The Society is a professional association which encourages the expression of views and the exchange of ideas amongst those interested in the analysis of existence.

Therapy Find a therapist at - an organization dedicated to encouraging healthy forms of psychotherapy and one of the leading therapy & counseling referral associations on the internet.

United States Association for Body Psychotherapy, USABP is a nonprofit membership association dedicated to developing and advancing the art, science, and practice of Body Psychotherapy.

Willingness Works, Sensible Self-Help for the Healing Journey.

Yoga Center of Lake Charles


The American Philosophical Association, is the main professional organization for philosophers in the
United States. Founded in 1900, its mission is to promote the exchange of ideas among
philosophers, to encourage creative and scholarly activity in philosophy, to facilitate the professional
work and teaching of philosophers, and to represent philosophy as a discipline.

Center for Advanced Research in Phenomenology, A thinker who is situated within the Western tradition must say with Edmund Husserl, "How can we avoid it . . . we are the functionaries of humanity." The Center for Advanced Research in Phenomenology, Inc. accepts this responsibility and seeks actively to further the effort it entails., includes thousands of sorted links to philosophy resources on the internet as well as assorted other features.

Lonergan Research Institute The mission of the Lonergan Research Institute is to preserve, promote, develop, and implement the work of Canadian Jesuit philosopher / theologian / economist / methodologist Bernard Lonergan (1904-1984).

Pathways to Philosophy, Open learning programs from the Philosophical Society of England based at Sheffield University, with study guide, essay archive, philosophy notebook, web links and Ask a Philosopher.

PhiloSophos Knowledge Base, Open learning resources and advice for philosophy students, including feature articles, philosophy lovers gallery, searchable archive of questions and answers, and specialist search engines.

Philosophy at Large, Constitutes a very large collection of links to philosophical sites worldwide.   They include a clickable list of UK & Irish Philosophy departments, and a constantly updated list of email lists, as well as specialist pages about Science Fiction, Animals and Classical Philosophy.

The Philosophy Research Base is categorized by history, subject and author, is a meta-index featuring thousands of annotated links, text
resources and community services for  conducting research in the field of philosophy. The PRB is divided into 15 different webs, including ancient, medieval, modern, 19th century, 20th century, ecology, feminism, ecofeminism, and major philosophical topics, including postmodernism, existentialism, phenomenology, analytic philosophy, gender theory, etc.

The Philosophy Institute

The Society of Existential Analysis: The Society is a professional association which encourages the expression of views and the exchange of ideas amongst those interested in the analysis of existence.

Tel-Aviv University - Philosophy Department - links page


Human Science Research Studies.  This site's purpose is to list human science research studies (articles, chapters, books, monographs), research that is within the phenomenological and hermeneutical / interpretive traditions, broadly defined.


The 9th Children & Focusing Conference will take place in the surroundings of Athens, by the sea-side, at Cabo Verde Boutique Hotel, Mati, between 26th and 30th October 2016. More information

2017 International Focusing-Oriented Therapy Conference - The fourth gathering of the international community of Focusing-Oriented therapists, will begin on Thursday, June 22, 2017 at the Garrison Institute in Garrison, New York, one hour north of New York City, and end on Sunday, June 25, 2017. More information

Asia Focusing International Conference August 25-27, 2017 Kobe, Japan

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