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Strategic Planning

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The International Focusing Institute Mission Statement:

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Why “Focusing” ?
Everyone has the potential to access and live from their unique bodily-felt knowing.  Focusing, a process grounded in experiential listening, is a powerful way of interacting with this body-felt knowing that leads to mutual respect, authenticity and compassion.  In this way, Focusing fosters peace and harmony in the world.

Who We Are
The International Focusing Institute is an international, cross-cultural organization dedicated to supporting individuals and groups world-wide who are practicing, teaching and developing Focusing and its underlying philosophy.

What We Do
The International Focusing Institute is committed to the promotion of Focusing and encourages a wide variety of Focusing-based applications and educational methodologies. It also serves as a catalyst for Focusing research, an information hub and custodian of Focusing-related literature, and provides physical and virtual meeting spaces for education, dialogue and interaction.  In these and other ways, the International Focusing Institute is committed to sharing and advancing the work of its founder, Eugene Gendlin, and those who have built on his legacy.

Document Archive

Propuesta de Coordinadores Meso-Sud y Latinoamericanos - Mayo 2014 [PDF]

THINKING ON THE PROCESS OF TFI RESTRUCTURING: Being carried forward. Diffusion Focusing Québec (April 2014) [PDF]

TFI Strategic Plan: Report from Functional Whole International Support - Presented at the 23rd International Focusing Conference. May 2011 [DOC]

Draft of The Focusing Institute Mission Statement (June 2015)

Initiating a Strategic Planning Process: A Report on Discussions with The Board of Directors and Selected Stakeholders of The Focusing Institute - May 2011 [PDF]

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