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Models of Training

We collected many models of training (MOT) and are making them available to anyone interested on this website. Certifying Coordinators and Trainers each have a somewhat different program for teaching and training their students as Focusing Professionals, and we value this diversity1. We are pleased to present some of these models on these pages.

For more information, please contact

Alexis/Shaun Phillips and Shirley Turcotte

Ann Weiser Cornell and Focusing Resources

Barbro Holmström

Bev Shoenberger

Christel Craft

Edgardo Riveros

Elena M. Frezza and Mónica Perez Iturraspe

Eveline Moor Züllig

FocusCentrum DenHaag and Focuspraktijk Oog van Ra

The German Focusing Network FN

Heidi Essler

Hellenic Focusing Centre Athens

Kevin Krycka

Laury Rappaport

Marta Stapert and Madeleine Walder-Binder for Children Focusing Corner

Nada Lou

Nicoletta Corsetti

Robert Lee

Ruth Hirsch

Sergio Lara

Suzanne Noel

1 Focusing is a practice that honors what arises freshly in the moment. Frozen structures of any kind are antithetical to the ethic of Focusing. Therefore, the Focusing Institute takes as a core value the principle that the practice of Focusing, how it is taught by certified Focusing teachers, and its application in different fields will not be standardized. Diversity of approaches will be protected. Constructive critiques among Focusing Trainers or between TFI and individuals presenting or applying Focusing are welcome and should be offered by means of open, respectful communication. TFI itself will seek to honor the values of non-standardization in its operations while recognizing that tension can arise between maximum diversity and the need for effectiveness and efficiency in meeting its goals.

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