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Carl Rogers On Empathy

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Dr. Carl Rogers was Gene Gendlin's colleague and friend at the University of Chicago. Rogers' person-centered approach opened the way for Gene's elaboration of Focusing. This is a delightful talk that Rogers gave in 1974. He mentions Eugene (Gene) T. Gendlin 's work which Gene would four years later write about in his book "Focusing."

Some of the articles related to Carl Rogers in the Gendlin Library

Carl Rogers (1902–1987)
Gendlin writes "Rogers is world renowned for originating and developing the now prevailing humanistic trend in psychotherapy, pioneering in research, and influencing all fields related to psychology."

Research in Psychotherapy with Schizophrenic Patients and the Nature of that "Illness"
Article by Gendlin on research that was originated and sponsored by Carl Rogers

On client-centered and experiential psychotherapy: an interview with Eugene Gendlin
Gendlin discusses working with Carl Rogers in Chicago and Madison.

The concept of congruence reformulated in terms of experiencing
Gendlin discusses Rogers' Concept of Congruence

Some of the articles by other authors on the TFI website concerning Carl Rogers:

Unconditional Positive Regard: Constituent Activities by James R. Iberg
Iberg discusses Unconditional Positive Regard (UPR) first as it was described by Carl R. Rogers.

Stillness and Awareness from Person to Person by Astrid Schillings, Cologne
Schillings discusses how Carl Rogers' "Therapeutic Core Conditions" can assume a meditative character in psychotherapy.

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