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From the Institute's Desk

by Mary Hendricks, Director of The Focusing Institute

Mary Hendricks, Ph.D., Director of The Focusing Institute, conducts a private practice as a psychologist. She publishes, lectures and teaches workshops worldwide.

Hello! Welcome to the inaugural issue of our newsletter. You have given us so much appreciation for increased communication, we want to continue the information flow. Ricki Morse, California, has volunteered to be the design editor. She does a professional newsletter for the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. Mary Lawlor, Vermont will be the Managing Editor. It will come out three times a year.

Focusing Belongs to Everyone

We will rotate feature columns on Focusing and: Children, Health, Psychotherapy, Philosophy, Spirituality, Creative Process, Business. One of the values underlying Focusing is that it does not belong to any elite, professional group. We are committed to making Focusing available to any person anywhere in the world who wants it. It is a human process, and one need not be an "expert" to practice or share it. In this issue, this commitment to outreach is particularly apparent in Marta's report on teaching Focusing to children in Hungary, Romania and Surinam and in Shirley's work with the aboriginal peoples across Canada. In a different kind of outreach to our multi-lingual community, Teresa Dawson (Switzerland) writes about the TAE workshop conducted in German. For each issue we will interview a different Coordinator to keep you up on training programs and activities in different parts of the world. In this issue we honor Shirley Turcotte from Canada. She conducts an outstanding training program in Focusing and PTSD and has trained many therapists from the aboriginal communities.

Find A Focusing Partner

Another tool for staying in touch is our growing website. We invite you to visit us at www.focusing.org. In December 6,517 different people visited our site from 81 countries. 831 different files were requested and 29,349 total files were viewed. Our new section on Focusing Partnerships was very popular. Here you can read about partnerships, including Ann Weiser Cornell and Barbara McGavins' FAQ sheet, read and see examples of partners focusing, and request a partner for yourself. "The pool really works! I found two partners within days of submitting my request. Thank you."

New Articles and Resources

The website also offers resources for your use personally, in teaching, and for applying Focusing in your work. We have added articles to the psychotherapy section by Gene Gendlin, Johannes Wiltkso, Jim Iberg, Mia Leijssen, Elfie Hinterkopf and myself. The medical section has new articles by Doralee Grindler-Katonah on "Focusing and Medical Decision Making" and by Joan Klagsbrun on the use of Focusing by nurses. Gene Gendlin's application of philosophy to physics, "A Critique of Relativity and Localization," is now in the philosophy section.

Ann Weiser-Cornell's book, The Power of Focusing is available in Hebrew, Ko'Cha Shel Ha' Heet'Mak'dut, published by Or'Am. Focusing is coming out in both Hebrew and Italian in the next several months.

Virtual Focusing Community

Our discussion list is healthy and happy with 575 participants. We just switched to a new host and will be able to archive posts for easy reference. To subscribe, go to the home page and click on the link to the discussion list. The most recent exchange has explored Focusing and art. The atmosphere continues to be one of respect, careful listening and great warmth. Many people check in daily and feel a sense of participation in our Focusing community.

We enjoy hearing from you with suggestions or comments! It takes courage to live from a Focusing place, rather than just routines. Each of us doing that supports others.

We hope to see you at this year's International in beautiful Ireland. You can register online from our website.


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