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Introducing The Focusing Partnership Program

by Lori Ketover, CSW, Trainer and Partnership Program Coordinator, USA

Focusing and listening are like talking to a person who makes your experience expand." (Gendlin)

Lori Ketover, is a Certified Social Worker, Focusing Trainer and Coordinator of the Focusing Partnership Program. She is also the founder of the Long Island Focusing Center that offers Focusing workshops to children and adults. lori@focusing.org

Partnerships are an invaluable part of the focusing process that help deepen our focusing experience and support us wherever we are in our lives. Whether in person, by phone or by e-mail, focusing partnerships are special and provide us with a unique place to be heard, change and grow.

The partnership structure offers a non-judgmental, respectful, mutual and acceptant atmosphere promoting a safe environment for the felt sense to emerge. As we keep each other company within this framework and bring our presence to this deep level of experiencing, we not only help to hold a space for the felt sense to unfold but also serve as witnesses to validate and support its presence.

Focusing partnerships hold a special place in my heart. For me, they have been life-changing and life-giving. I met my first focusing partner over seven years ago when I began learning Focusing in Mary Hendricks' training program. Even as a beginner, I immediately sensed the importance of having my inner experience listened to and witnessed, first by myself and then by another. I felt heard! I have had focusing partners ever since and I have formed meaningful and lasting friendships with many of them.

Over the past year, I have been helping to develop and coordinate the Focusing Partnership Program. Working on this project has been exciting and challenging. Every day seems to bring something more. With the support of Gene Gendlin, Mary Hendricks, Bill Silverman, Melinda Darer, Sharon Sim and Trixie Prats, I am thrilled to announce that it is now on its way.

We now have an international partnership pool, on the internet, where you can find a partner based on interest, language and more. It is often helpful to have a partner who is not otherwise involved in your daily life. It is sometimes easier to listen well when the person's process does not have consequences for us. If you are new to Focusing you can also receive coaching from a Focusing trainer. This Program is a new way to support and build the international focusing community. It provides a new vehicle for people to connect with each other and serves as a bridge to deepen our connection to ourselves, our partners and our community. The program offers continued support for focusers, trainers, coaches, and newcomers. Below are some of the highlights. If you would like more information about this program, please check our website www.focusing.org or contact me at lori@focusing.org.


Eligibility for the Partnership Pool

Experienced Focusers

If you are a focuser with at least 2 workshops (or one workshop with Focusing Partnership Training) and/or 6 individual teaching sessions, you will be eligible to join our international partnership pool after you become a member and/or make a donation to The Focusing Institute.


If you do not meet the experience requirements listed above, we request that you have coaching sessions to get you started. Once you and your coach feel you are ready and you become a member and/or make a donation to the Institute, you will have a chance to join the partnership pool.

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