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2002 Certification Workshop

Twenty-three new trainers from Argentina, Chile, Japan, the Netherlands and the USA were welcomed at the November 2002 Certification workshop in New York

The group's energy made all the learning so easy in spite of the different languages.

Emilia Meijome de Ortiz, Argentina


This has been an extra-ordinary week for me. I'm extremely grateful. It was an extraordinary environment of safety for personal development and professional growth.

Ruth Rosenblum, USA


The atmosphere, the care and wisdom of the teaching staff, the energy of the group, the place, well, I liked everything and I am grateful for this opportunity.

Marlene Spindler, Argentina


Things people learned at the workshop:

"The use of Round Robin as a tool for workshop illustration and teaching."
"I got a much clearer sense of how to protect the safety of the individual in the process through coaching."
"Sensing how key 'not knowing' and humility are, both modeled by Mary and Janet."
"Informal ways of introducing Focusing through pointing at the bodily felt sense in gentle, non-intrusive ways which I could use with any client."
"Learning the double empathic moment was useful for me as an analyst working with 'difficult' transference situations. I saw it 'tested,' it's safe and creative in a connecting-individualizing way."
"Gene's comment about loud friends talking a lot...and that focusing is like listening to the quiet one...gave me the beginning of reverence for the quiet people in groups, quiet places in others, quiet places in myself."

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