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From The Institute Desk

by Kye Nelson, Special Projects, Focusing Institute

Kye listens for points of potential energy. Then she asks a certain kind of question which makes that "more" open so that people and their work can move forward into a larger possibility-space that was always inherent. Her use of this capacity on behalf on the Institute has been very important to our growth as an organization. She maintains a private consulting practice by phone and in person, with clients across the U.S. www.workingprocess.com

As a community, and as an organization, we are building places in the world where people can be received. This is true in the time we exchange turns listening to one another, but it can also be true in every aspect of our interactions. This receiving can be built into our learning, our working, and our thinking; and it can be part of the basis for how we structure our organizations.

A Virtual Work Space

We now have quite a number of volunteers. Those who volunteer are offering a gift, and it is a privilege to receive that gift and that whole person. People want to make a difference in the few hours they have available. We are organizing teams of volunteers who are working on different projects. As we hear from our volunteers about what they want to contribute and the needs they would like to meet, we are creating ways their time and caring can fit exactly within something bigger than they could do alone.

We live all over the globe. One of our challenges has been to find ways to collaborate closely no matter where we live. We've begun to test a web-based tool that may help. It creates a virtual room, a place where we can rub elbows and see what we are all doing, as if we were working at a table together. We are able to work on material together, and we can keep each other up to date.

Some of Our Projects

We continue to refine the mechanics of the partnership pool on the website, and we have also added "training" partnerships. These are very short partnerships which we form between trainers-in-training and people who apply to be in the partnership pool and are new to Focusing. New people have the opportunity to exchange turns a few times and learn a few basics, so that they can enter into the main pool. And trainers-in-training can ask for access to these opportunities to practice teaching basic skills of Focusing and listening, as part of their training programs. Lori Ketover has taken on the complex task of coordinating all this.

Meanwhile, Jake Thiessen, trainer from Pennsylvania, USA, has been creating circles of people within the Focusing community who have an interest in Focusing as it's applied in some particular area, as well as bringing together materials in these different areas and making them accessible to people.

We are creating a new "What Is Focusing?" section of the website. It will have definitions and examples--little stories that convey the essence of Focusing. We are also adding a section about the use of Focusing with trauma. We are designing this section to be findable by people who have never heard of Focusing, but who go looking on the Internet for material about PTSD or trauma. It is a way for people to learn about Focusing right where they need it most today. After we finish with this project, we will continue with others like it in other applications of Focusing.

Countless late nights have been going into TAE (Thinking At the Edge) for months now, as we bring a new level of clarity and power to the TAE steps. TAE is a second practice, and its coming into the world is full of the same kind of excitement and arduous effort that accompanied the birth of Focusing. As TAE and Focusing Work Partnerships become established in the world, it becomes easier for people to recognize that Focusing is much broader than its application in self-help and therapy.

I want to extend an invitation to you to come and join in the work we are doing. And I invite you, if you see an obvious need or opportunity for the Focusing community, to let us know about it. You might even like to come and work with us on a project that would help take care of that need, or meet that opportunity.

Kye can be contacted at kye@focusing.org

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