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Excerpts from A Process Model Conversation with Gene at TAE 2001

A Process Model conversation among (right to left) Gene Gendlin, Greg Walkerden (Australia), Fr. Michael Nedelsky (USA), Frans Depestele (Belgium) and Nada Lou (Canada) at the TAE 2001 Conference, Stony Point, New York.

Frans: Gene, what for you is the core of the PM? What is the central message?

Gene: What I am now saying is that we need new basic concepts for everything. The kind we can also use to understand people. So there wouldn't be this gulf. What is called Science is about dead things and the human world is separated. The Scientific world doesn't have us in it. Psychology and sociology are not "real" Sciences. We need concepts that can make contact with the Science that exists and still also have in them the basic possibility that we can go from Chemistry, Physics and Biology to Psychology without a complete break in between, so we are lost from the Scientific world. The PM provides a beginning to show it is possible to have concepts that look like regular Physics and Biology but also have the internal complexity to be able to deal with a human being, where every bit of what happens is self-circular.

Frans: What is the core concept from PM?

Gene: Implying and Carrying forward. In other words, Theta. Reaching behind in time as it goes forward. Time is generated by events. If we have this theta time we can talk about even inanimate things so that the basic structure of the self-circularity that we are is already there.


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