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Tips for the Focuser

© Barbara McGavin and Ann Weiser Cornell 1996

The Focusing Process

"I'm sensing into my body" Bringing awareness into the body:
first the edges and then the middle-naming body parts can be helpful: arms, legs, back, then throat, chest, stomach, abdomen.
"What wants my awareness now?" or 
"What do I become aware of as I think of that issue?"
Noticing what's there or inviting something to form, or choosing to work on a specific issue
"I'm saying ‘hello' to what's here" Acknowledging what comes
"I'm finding the best way to describe it" Describing any body sensations, images, moody feelings, life connections
"I'm checking back with my body" Bringing my words, images, other expressions back to the body, checking if they fit, or if they're not quite right, or partly right but there's more.
"I'm sitting with it, with interested curiosity" Being with: being present and following what is
"I'm sensing how it feels from its point of view" Being a listener for it-sensing/asking/wondering
"I'm sensing if it has an emotional quality"
"I'm asking it, ‘What gets it so ?" (emotion/body word)
"I'm asking if there's something more it wants me to know"
"I'm asking it what it needs"
"I'm asking it to show me how ‘all OK' would feel"
Using open-ended questions (no "Why"!) to help it tell its story.
"I'm letting it know I hear it" Receiving its message
"I'm sensing if it's OK to stop soon" Finding a stopping place
"I'm letting it know I'll be back" Building a long-term inner relationship
"I'm thanking my body and everything that came" Thanking


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