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Focusing on Work

Focusing Work Partnerships are for:

thinkers, innovators, discoverers, trailblazers, visionaries,

entrepreneurs, freelancers, creators, people with dreams... people who

are working on something...

anyone who wishes there were somebody else right there

as you tackle exactly what has felt impossible in your work life.

Anyone who would like their work to feel human.


A Work Partner listens and keeps you company with your work, as you attend to your body sense of any current project or situation, articulate that felt sense, make steps from it, carry them out, and continue to check back with the felt sense of the situation and your intention as you work.

Your partner can be with you while you write a letter that you would not otherwise attempt, or can give you the strength to organize what is on your desk. They can be on the other end as you prepare for a presentation. Your partner writes down and carries all your projects, half-formed ideas, difficulties, and blocked actions. When you next turn to any of them with one new thought, your partner brings up the four thoughts that the two of you produced last time, so that from the five you can generate action steps that could not be imagined before. If you don't return to something, your partner will bring it up. In this way, all the frozen places begin to move.

And over time, your partner can also share your successes in a way that no one else can, because they know all the tiny steps that it took to get there. They have been with you every step of the way.

A Focusing Work-Partner helps you find and stay with your felt sense of your ongoing project longer than you can usually do alone, which means you can tap into the whole intricacy of your situation as you are working or planning your work.

The work partnership page is written and maintained by Kye Nelson. Email her at kye@focusing.org  if you have further questions about work partnerships, or if you have work partnership stories or suggestions for this page.


This page was last modified on 08 April 2004