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Gene Gendlin’s important work of philosophy, A Process Model, used to be available as a free download on the site of The International Focusing Institute. This was in keeping with Dr. Gendlin’s hope to spread his philosophy as widely as possible. However, there was an unintended consequence to his generosity, which is that academics tended not to read it, since it was not published by a university press. In the last years of his life, Dr. Gendlin was very happy that Northwestern University Press wanted to publish it, and he fully understood that this would mean that it could then no longer be given away for free on the website.

It was a great convenience for those who already were convinced of the importance of Dr. Gendlin’s work to have it available online on this site. However, having Northwestern University Press publish and distribute it gives it a chance to be taken seriously in academia, where it deserves not only a place, but many of us feel a central place.

Order your copy of A Process Model.

Read a review by Donata Schoeller and Neil Dunaetz, Thinking emergence as interaffecting: approaching and contextualizing Eugene Gendlin’s Process Model in Continental Philosophy Review.


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