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Proficiency as Focusing Partner


The “Proficiency as Focusing Partner” (PFP) recognition is a first goal for people who experience Focusing as something they would like to learn more about, to continue/be involved with, and who want to have a solid experience of partnership exchange and personal Focusing process. With the skills developed in this training you will gain confidence, experience and knowledge about safe, supportive and competent Focusing Partnership.

This training is also an opportunity for The International Focusing Institute to welcome you into the existing international Focusing community, to stay in contact with you, and to expand membership.

The PFP award provides an easy reference point for you to come back into training as Trainees if you wish. You will also be connected to the Institute as a Member and thus you will stay involved with the Focusing world through the Institute. After this training and application of your skills you might be motivated to start a Trainer in Training (TNT) program. Some of you would be happy to stay at the level of Partnership, some would take a break before coming back as TNT and some would want to continue immediately.


This midway acknowledgement of “Proficiency as Focusing Partner” (PFP) is not a new program or course, but rather simply recognition of a level of proficiency. Each teacher or Certifying Coordinator will continue teaching their programs exactly as they have in the past, but will now also be free to award a document which acknowledges PFP experience to those who are ready to receive it.

Some specific skills might include the ability:

  • To identify the felt sense;
  • To understand and utilise the importance of safety in focusing;
  • To listen in the focusing way.

Who would teach it

We wish to confirm the spirit of The International Focusing Institute’s Diversity Statement that supports a diversity of approaches to teaching Focusing.

It is taught by a Certifying Coordinator (CC), Certifying Coordinator in Training (CNT) or Certified Trainer/Professional.

Proficiency as Focusing Partner (PFP) Award Document

The Award Document will be signed by The International Focusing Institute, the supervising Certifying Coordinator (CC) or Certifying Coordinator in Training (CNT) and the Certified Trainer/Professional if one is involved.

Fees and Membership

The person who wishes to enroll in training with the goal of receiving this award would be required to first become a member of The International Focusing Institute as "Friend" (annual membership fee of $25). Upon successful completion of the training, when ready to receive the “Proficiency as Focusing Partner” Award Document, the person will be considered as a member in the category "Supporter" - a category with additional benefits (Annual membership fee of $50).

They would then pay $50 for a new subscription period of one year starting the day their Award Document is issued. They will now be listed as a SUPPORTER and will appear in the next Membership Directory.


The many benefits for you of receiving the PFP award and of being a member of The International Focusing Institute include

  • An acknowledgement of your Focusing ability
  • Being recognized as a competent Focusing partner to others who are seeking a Focusing partner
  • The satisfaction of having achieved a desired goal
  • Providing an easy reference point for you to come back into training as 'Trainer in Training' when you wish.
  • Being connected with the larger Focusing community around the world
  • Receiving The International Focusing Institute newsletters
  • Having your name listed in The International Focusing Institute Members Directory which is available in hard copy and online
  • Receiving the e-mail Gazettes and regularly updated web site information
  • Having access to various Focusing lists with rich exchanges and support among members
  • Receiving the Folio at a discounted price
  • Having support from the Focusing community in new Focusing projects.
  • Being notified in advance of many International Focusing gatherings (The Week-long, FISS, International Focusing Conferences, World conferences, Specialty Conferences and more).

Guidance for teachers making this award

Following is guidance for teachers who wish to make this award available to their students.

The teachers who wish to grant the Proficiency in Focusing Partnership (PFP) award initially let the student know that the first requirement is to become a member of The International Focusing Institute (TFI) at the "friend" level.

When the teacher deems that their student is ready to receive this award, the teacher needs to contact TFI personnel to inform them that the student is eligible to receive the PFP award. At this time an award document will be issued by TFI with the student's name, signed by TFI Executive Director Catherine Torpey, signed by the supervising Certifying Coordinator (CC) or Certifying Coordinator in Training (CNT) and Certified Trainer/Professional who will then forward the document to the student.

More Information

For more info, please contact

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