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T A E  Steps – Short Form

1.  A distinct bodily felt sense of something you know
       A sentence with one main word underlined
       One instance when it happened

2.   A not quite logical sentence

3.   Reject the public meaning of the underlined word
        Substitute a second and then a third word, not synonyms

4.   What did you want each of the three words to mean?  Use fresh phrases
       What does each word pull out from the felt sense that the others do not?

5.   A somewhat odd sentence expanding what you mean in each, again in fresh phrases

6.   Three instances
       Underline detail you might want to keep.

7.   Detailed relations in each.  State them as generalized pattern

8.   Viewing an instance through another

9.    Writing freely

10.   Linking three main terms  A=B; A=C

11.   What is A such that it is INHERENTLY B?   INHERENTLY C?

12   Permanent Terms Interlocked
       Put your illogical crux into your permanent A term
       The inherent links found in 11 become next terms
        Generate new sentences by substitutions

13.   Using the theory as a model for other fields

14.   Expanding and applying your theory
       The next question the theory needs to cover
       Applying the theory to some things you want to explain in your field

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