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We offer a variety of books on Focusing and The Philosophy of the Implicit. Some of our books are available in translations - Chinese, Dansk, Deutsch, Espanol, Francais, Hebrew, Italian, Nederlands, Russian, and Swedish.

For information on other books on Focusing that are not in our store, please see our Recommended Books List.

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Eugene Gendlin Quotation Deck of Cards 52 different quotations of our founder Eugene T. Gendlin.
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Experiencing and the Creation of Meaning by Eugene Gendlin, Ph.D. Evanston: Northwestern University Press.

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Thinking Beyond Patterns: Body, Language and Situations by Eugene Gendlin, Ph.D.

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Language Beyond Postmodernism Saying and thinking in Gendlin's philosophy. Edited by David Michael Levin, Ph.D. Evanston: Northwestern University Press.

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A free download of this book is offered here.

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Thinking at the Edge: Grassroots Introduction to TAE Manual Book One by Nada Lou

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Writing with TAE: For elaborating your felt sense by Satoko Tokumaru in collaboration with Mariyo Kida

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A Process Model A Process Model by Eugene T. Gendlin; Foreword by Robert A. Parker. More information

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Qualitative Research with TAE Steps. Thinking at the Edge: Theory and Applications by Tokumaru, Satoko (2011). Translated into English by Mariyo Kida.

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Saying What We Mean - Implicit Precision and the Responsive Order. Selected Works by Eugene T. Gendlin, Edited by Edward S. Casey and Donata M. Schoeller; Foreword by Edward S. Casey. More information

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Focusing Books

Focusing by Eugene Gendlin, Ph.D.
2007 edition. Reissue, with new introduction and cover.

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Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy by Eugene Gendlin, Ph.D.

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by Eugene Gendlin, Ph.D.

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Let Your Body Interpret Your Dreams by Eugene Gendlin, Ph.D.

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Dreams and the person-centered approach:
cherishing client experiencing
by Andrea Koch (2012)
In her book Andrea Koch coined the term "dreamsensing" as a special focusing way to be with and accompany someone with their dreaming experience. A special and concrete impression of focusing and dreamsensing is included with a transcription of the author's own dream session with Barbara McGavin as the focusing guide.

Product Code: FB-510

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New World Meditation: Focusing-Mindfulness-Healing-Awakening by Lucinda Gray, Ph.D.
New World Meditation is a fusion of Focusing with Mindfulness, activating both of these amazing methods of stress reduction, healing and growth. NWM is a daily practice, a specific step by step method that goes beyond checking in, and gradually leads you into and through a healing process. Awakening is the fruit of this journey of self-discovery. Through healing you make peace with the past so that you are no longer haunted by fears of future repetitions. You are free to live in the beauty and joy of the Now; free to live with full authenticity because you accept your true self as the fully human being that you are.

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Wholebody Focusing - Neural Pathways to Prosperity, Health and Wisdom by Alex Maunder. More information

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Reaching Resilience: A Training Manual for Community Wellness by Dr. Patricia A. Omidian. More information

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How I Teach Focusing: Discovering the Gift of Your Inner Wisdom by Bebe Simon (Author), Rosa Zubizarreta (Contributor)
Bebe Simon first learned Focusing from Eugene Gendlin in the 1980s, and was soon asked by him to assist in teaching workshops. This book includes how Bebe teaches, her encouragement to develop your own teaching style and a compilation of many articles Bebe has written and published on Focusing.

Product Code: FB-500

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Focusing - Learn From the Masters - Four Training Manuals by Lucinda Gray, Ph.D.
This book is a wonderful collection of articles from some of the best Focusing teachers in the world. This anthology was first developed to teach Focusing to teachers. Now it is being requested by Focusing trainers and coordinators all over the world. Thanks to new developments in publishing, we are able to make this new edition available as a general training resource at a greatly reduced price. The anthology is divided into 4 manuals which can easily be used in a training program. The manuals include short exercises that help you get the feel of Focusing. We find Focusing to be the most powerful change process we have ever encountered, and we hope you enjoy the collection as much as we do. The author is available for consultation at no charge to teachers who want to use this book in any training program.

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Inner Dialogue In Daily Life
Contemporary Approaches to Personal and Professional Development in Psychotherapy
Edited by Charles Eigen with a chapter by Joan Klagsbrun, Ph.D., Certified Focusing Professional, "Eugene Gendlin: River of Knowing; A Journey with Focusing." Connecting to our inner lives can foster healing, self-development and self-awareness. This unique book looks in depth at ten major contemporary psychotherapeutic approaches which all use inner dialogue as a way of developing both professionally and personally. More information

Product Code: FB-440

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Your Body Knows the Answer
Using Your Felt Sense to Solve Problems, Effect Change, and Liberate Creativity
by David I. Rome. A manual for Mindful Focusing, a new integration of Eastern and Western techniques for accessing your inherent wisdom. More information

Product Code: FB-480

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Focusing in Clinical Practice: The Essence of Change by Ann Weiser Cornell.
“Since Eugene Gendlin’s landmark book Focusing, first published in 1978, there has been too little in the way of clinical application of his seminal work. In her thorough, illuminating book, Ann Weiser Cornell fills this need . . . It is “magic” made simple, pure and simple.” —Peter Levine, PhD, author of In an Unspoken Voice and Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma.
Integrating mindfulness, body psychotherapy, positive psychology, and more, Focusing—used in conjunction with any therapy type—teaches clients how to contact their inner awareness or "felt sense" to spur real change and therapeutic progress. This practical guide explains the core principles of Focusing, how to incorporate it with other treatment modalities, and how to use it to treat a range of client issues. More information

Product Code: FB-380

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Psychotherapy for the Other: Levinas and the Face-to-Face Relationship
Edited by Kevin C Krycka, George Kunz and George G. Sayre More information

Product Code: FB-415

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Focusing-Oriented Therapy (FOT) by Neil Friedman, Ph.D.

Product Code: FB-80

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Emerging Practice in Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy
Innovative Theory and Applications
Edited by Greg Madison. Emerging Practice in Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy brings together some of the world's most influential contemporary psychotherapists in the field to look at the future of Focusing-oriented approaches. More information

Product Code: FB-410

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Theory and Practice of Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy
Beyond the Talking Cure
Edited by Greg Madison. Foreword by Eugene Gendlin. This comprehensive introduction to Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy lays out the background and fundamentals of the approach covering theory and practice. More information

Product Code: FB-420

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Loving At the Edge: Recovery Emerging
by Suzanne L. Noël, CFT. Explores how felt sensing may be applied to the 12 Steps of Recovery and integrated into a daily Program of Recovery.

Product Code: FB-260

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Recovery Focusing Manual
by Suzanne L. Noël, CFT. A companion workbook to "Loving at the Edge: Recovery Emerging," Suzanne Noel's Recovery Focusing Manual offers easy-to-follow instructions on how to apply felt sense sensing to the 12 Steps of Recovery, as well as how to Integrate Focusing into our daily life.

Product Code: FB-265

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Confessions of a Trauma Therapist - A Memoir of Healing and Transformation
by Mary K. Armstrong

Product Code: FB-250

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Being Intimate: A Guide to Successful Relationships by John Amodeo and Kris Wentworth.

Product Code: FB-22

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Defining Moments for Therapists
Edited by Serge Prengel and Lynn Somerstein. If therapy is a relational process, it takes a person on the therapist's end. The goal of this book is to capture the therapist's evolving sense of self as it is shaped by our experiences as active participants in a creative interaction. (Paperback) More information

Product Code: FB-450

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The Authentic Heart: An Eightfold Path to Midlife Love by John Amodeo.
"The Authentic Heart is a groundbreaking, insightful, warmly written book that I highly recommend to anyone wanting more loving, joyful relationships. John Amodeo addresses with great clarity, wisdom, and practicality the key steps that are necessary for building authentic, mature, loving connections--not only with others, but also with oneself."--John Bradshaw, New York Times bestselling author. The Authentic Heart includes a chapter on "Focusing: A Path to Befriending Yourself." More information

Product Code: FB-320

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Dancing with Fire: A Mindful Way to Loving Relationships by John Amodeo.
The search for spiritual awakening can create a deep rift within us if we develop an aversion to our feelings, longings, and humanity. This highly acclaimed, practical book offers a path to mindfully engage with the fiery emotions and desires that relationships bring up for us. It explores how emotionally fulfilling relationships and spiritual development are two sides of the same coin of awakening. Bridging attachment theory with Buddhism and other spiritual paths, the book explores how weaving together mindfulness with Focusing creates a climate that connects us more deeply with ourselves, others, and life itself. More information

Product Code: FB-370

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Focusing-Oriented Art Therapy
Accessing the Body's Wisdom and Creative Intelligence
by Laury Rappaport, Ph.D., ATR-BC. Read review by Di Gammage, Dramatherapist. Read review from Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing

Product Code: FB-220

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Mindfulness and the Arts Therapies
Theory and Practice
Edited by Laury Rappaport, Ph.D. Foreword by Jakusho Kwong-roshi. This ground-breaking book explores the theoretical, clinical and training application of integrating mindfulness with all of the arts therapies, and includes cutting-edge contributions from neuroscience. More information

Product Code: FB-430

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When Bamboo Bloom
An Anthropologist in Taliban's Afghanistan
by Patricia A. Omidian
When Bamboo Bloom is a medical anthropologist's highly personal ethnographic chronicle of time spent as an aid worker and community outreach trainer in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. It includes an account of the introduction of Focusing to an Afghan aid organization. Dr. Omidian is actively engaged in Community Wellness Focusing.

Product Code: FB-310

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I Know I’m in There Somewhere: A Woman’s Guide to Finding Her Inner Voice and Living a Life of Authenticity
by Helene Brenner with Laurence Letich.

Product Code: FB-230

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From Conflict to Creative Collaboration: A User's Guide to Dynamic Facilitation
by Rosa Zubizarreta. A detailed user's guide for organizational consultants, facilitators, and mediators. (Paperback) More information

Product Code: FB-460

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The Power Of Focusing: A Practical Guide to Emotional Self-Healing - by Ann Weiser Cornell, Ph.D.

Product Code: FB-4

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The Radical Acceptance of Everything: Living a Focusing Life - by Ann Weiser Cornell, Ph.D. and featuring Barbara McGavin

Product Code: FB-41

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The Focusing Student's and Companion's Manual - Part One by Ann Weiser Cornell, Ph.D. and Barbara McGavin

Product Code: FB-5

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The Focusing Student's and Companion's Manual - Part Two by Ann Weiser Cornell, Ph.D. and Barbara McGavin

Product Code: FB-6

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Rediscovering the Lost Body-Connection Within Christian Spirituality by Edwin M. McMahon, Ph.D. and Peter A. Campbell, Ph.D.

Product Code: FB-300

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Integrating Spirituality in Counseling: A Manual for Using the Experiential Focusing Method, by Elfie Hinterkopf, Ph.D.

Product Code: FB-13

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Integrating Experiential and Brief Therapy by Bala Jaison, Ph.D.

Product Code: FB-70

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Mindfulness-Oriented Interventions for Trauma: Integrating Contemplative Practices Edited by David Rome and others with chapters by Doralee Grindler Katonah and Robert Parker.
Bringing together leading authorities, this volume describes a range of ways to integrate mindfulness and other contemplative processes into clinical work with trauma survivors. Vivid case material illustrates how mindfulness-oriented interventions can help go beyond symptom reduction to address clients' existential concerns and promote their psychological well-being.

Product Code: FB-485

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Presence: A Guide to Transforming Your Most Challenging Emotions by Ann Weiser Cornell
Ann's book takes you along on the personal journeys of people like you seeking ways to be calmer, clearer, happier, and more effective in their lives. Ann Weiser Cornell’s responses to real people’s questions about their emotional struggles are warm-hearted, wise, and inspiring and often funny.

Product Code: FB-470

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Focusing with Children - The art of communicating with children at school and at home by Marta Stapert and Erik Verliefde. Read review

Product Code: FB-210

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Interactive Focusing Therapy Healing Relationships by Janet Klein, Psy.D.

Product Code: FB-20

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Writing the River: Experiential Journaling by David Smith
Experiential Journaling is a method of self-Focusing in which the page serves as witness. Forwarding unfolds from the written word as the Felt Sense becomes the Felt Sentence which allows the River of Experience to flow to the page. This combined book and audio program contains instruction, real-time guided exercises, and a choice of two journaling experiences. Use it to unlock your authentic voice, to make difficult decisions, to break action blocks, and to open your deepest source of creativity.

Product Code: FB-710

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The Empathic Listening/ Focusing Manual by Janet Klein, Psy.D.

Product Code: FB-7

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The Experiential Dimension in Psychotherapy by Kathleen McGuire, Ph.D. Includes Experiencing Scale Ratings of two complete therapy sessions, showing how interventions by a Focusing-Oriented therapist can be measured as increases in Experiencing Level.

Product Code: FB-11

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The Experiencing Scale: A Research and Training Manual by Marjorie H. Klein, Philippa L. Mathieu, Eugene T. Gendlin, and Donald J. Kiesler. The Experiencing Scale Manual consists of three volumes. Volumes I and II consist of printed material. Volume I reviews the theoretical anchorage of the concept and method, outlines its basic assumptions, and summarizes research employing the method. The second section of Volume I of the Manual considers the present version of the Scale including aspects of methodology and procedural application. Last comes the training manual, including the Scale itself and an overview the training sessions. Training involves raters’ listening to seven hours of audio recordings of therapy material (Volume III) or reading transcripts of these sessions (Volume II). Volume I ends with Expert Ratings and Justifications for the ratings of these practice sessions in order to provide feedback to raters. This is followed by two additional hours of audio material which are rated in order to provide final information on rater reliability. The package contains two manuals and ten CDs. More information

Product Code: FB-350

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FOCUSING IN COMMUNITY: How To Start A Listening and Focusing Support Group (154 pp.) by Dr. Kathy McGuire, Creative Edge Focusing (TM). 1981, revised 2007.
A free download of this book is offered here.

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How to Teach a Workshop in Focusing Joan Klagsbrun, Ph.D.

Product Code: FB-15

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Sadie Listens: An Inward Journey by James Steele. A grief and healing story about the death of Sadie’s cat and how she notices and nurtures her feelings, all on her own. The illustrations use specific colors to represent Sadie in relationship with different aspects of herself. One of the greatest gifts to bestow upon a child is the ability to transform difficult feelings. Since this book’s debut in 2002, Sadie has encouraged children to overlay their own feelings onto Sadie’s situation, drawing them into a Focusing experience. The clarity and intensity of the illustrations give children full permission to go deeply into, and finally allow expression, to life’s paralyzing events. “The prevailing human may be the individual who can transform their broken humanness at the same velocity as technology and rapid planetary change”.

Product Code: SL-01

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Inside-Me Stories "Something is Happening Inside-Me!" by Janet Klein Psy.D.

Product Code: FB-16

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Energy Flow Focusing Explorations Passageways Into Your Hidden Treasures Christel Kraft, M. Ed. Purchase of this book includes one free telephone session with author Christel Kraft. Please contact Christel directly after purchase at
A free download of this book is offered here.

Product Code: FB-17

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Creating Confidence - How to Do Social Work Without Destroying People's Souls by Anna Willman
Forty years ago a handful of renegade social workers in the small conservative rural town of Roseburg, Oregon, started meeting with their welfare mom clients in the local bars for gripe sessions about the welfare system. Together they developed a radical new concept they called “People Planned Delivery” and a program for women called the Confidence Clinic. Their history includes brilliant successes and stunning betrayals. It is a messy story that begins with a lot of loud yelling and name calling and goes on to a proliferation of services, all designed and, to a great degree, operated by the people who were to benefit from them. This book tells their story and provides a clear guide to following their lead in helping women to empower themselves and transform their lives. “It only takes one women to change the world, but a group of women can change anything.” Maxine Gish, Confidence Clinic graduate “The Confidence Clinic…is what I call a psychic family – a group committed to mutual help…for women who have been isolated, despairing, and dependent.” Gloria Steinem, Revolution from Within

Product Code: CC-01

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Dancing the Path of the Mystic by Kevin McEvenue

Product Code: FB-24

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Focusing with Your Whole Body by Addie van der Kooy and Kevin McEvenue. Contains book plus CD.

Product Code: FB-27

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The Little Bird Who Found Herself by Rev. Edwin M. McMahon, PhD

Product Code: FB-90

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The FOLIO (Volume 27, Number 1, 2016)

This Part 2, Potpourri contains an array of stimulating articles and artwork that runs the gamut from a thank-you-letter to a felt sense (yes!) to the integration of holistic healing into a Focusing practice - and - the intriguing integration of the Process Model as experienced in a cross-country walking adventure starting on the writers 70th birthday! We know that you will really enjoy this issue.FOLIO price is based on your membership status and the quantity ordered.

Product Code: FB-FOL-27-1

$18.00 Order

The FOLIO (Volume 26, Number 1, 2015)

This first volume of a two-part series is literally a Potpourri - a mixture of articles covering innumerable topics that integrate various aspects of Focusing into very specific and enlightening subjects and themes.FOLIO price is based on your membership status and the quantity ordered.

Product Code: FB-FOL-26-1

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The FOLIO (Volume 25, Number 1, 2014)
FOCUSING AND... Crossings and Integrations addresses the subject of 'Crossings' and 'Integrations' of Focusing... AND the 'crossings' that people in our community are doing are really quite astounding - from Focusing and Jung to Focusing and Architecture! FOLIO price is based on your membership status and the quantity ordered.

Product Code: FB-FOL-25-1

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The FOLIO (Volume 24, Number 1, 2013)
MEMOIRS: STORIES OF ONE AHA TRANSFORMATIONAL FOCUSING EXPERIENCE, features 47 written memories-memoirs from members of our Focusing community. The diversity of insight, growth, change, and inspiration is both heartfelt and often astounding. Some of the memoirs are very serious, of difficult and painful experiences that were transformed through the process of Focusing. Others are genuinely amusing and will make you smile from ear to ear. And, for the first time, some of the writers have included a variety of wonderful drawings and pictures, making this edition of The Folio particularly memorable, both visually, as well as in a felt way. FOLIO price is based on your membership status and the quantity ordered.

Product Code: FB-FOL-24-1

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The FOLIO (Volume 23, Number 1, 2012)
Crossing Focusing and Science, this issue is packed with wonderful articles including unexpected discoveries in Physics and Epigenetics, Neuroscience and Focusing, Focusing-Oriented Therapy and recent findings about brain plasticity - and - a wonderful article from our founder Eugene Gendlin. FOLIO price is based on your membership status and the quantity ordered.

Product Code: FB-FOL-23-1

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by Anna Willman Two different worlds, one body, many personalities. Kaleidoscope is a psychological novel about the complex worlds of a woman with multiple personalities. It explores the nature of reality, the creativity and richness of her inner life, and the impact of her experience on those around her. More information

Product Code: K-01

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The FOLIO (Volume 22, Number 1, 2010)
AGING... Focusing Through the Transitions of Later Life... FOLIO price is based on your membership status and the quantity ordered.

Product Code: FB-FOL-22-1

$17.00 Order
The FOLIO (Volume 21, Number 1, 2008)
TRIBUTE ISSUE Celebrating Thirty Years of Focusing 1978-2008. FOLIO price is based on your membership status and the quantity ordered. Please call 845-480-5111 if you would like to order more than three copies.

Product Code: FB-FOL-21-1

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The FOLIO (Volume 20, Number 1)
Felt Meaning and Global Transformation
How Focusing Brings New Patterns of Relating in a Landscape of Fear
Price for paid-up members is $10 plus shipping. Price for non-members is $25 plus shipping.

Product Code: FB-FOL-20-1

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The FOLIO (Volume 19, Number 1, 2000-2004)
Thinking At The Edge

Product Code: FB-FOL-TAE

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The FOLIO (Volume 18, Number 1, 1999)
Focusing and Medicine

Product Code: FB-FOL-MED

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