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Books on the Philosophy of the Implicit


Meaning is not in what is formulated and can be put in the library.   Meaning is why someone said it, how it can make sense to a person, and this is always implicit.  More and more can always be said from it, if the person enters deeper and further into it.

Meaning is in how we live in situations with others.  It is bodily-experienced.  Living organisms are interactions with an environment, and this is always a moving intricacy that has a forward-implying.  It has an order that is more intricate than logical units, and it can be CARRIED FORWARD by many different logics and approaches.  Each way that really connects with it and carries it forward leads to some regular and reliable truth of some kind.

All day your body lives each situation.  You have to think out in advance only little bits of it here and there.  Just walking into a room you can notice your body handling it all as you respond appropriately most of the time.

Many philosophers give up on any approach that includes what cannot be finally formulated.  They think there is nothing to say about this.  Not so, there is a lot to say about the relation between experiencing and formulation.  The following material details some of this way of proceeding.  You may also download articles from this site by clicking here.

We offer a variety of books on Focusing. Some of our books are available in translations - Chinese, Dansk, Deutsch, Espanol, Francais, Hebrew, Italian, Nederlands, Russian, and Swedish.

For information on other books on Focusing that are not in our store, please see our Recommended Books List.

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