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There are several additional DVDs about Focusing that are not sold in our store but are available at Nada Lou Productions Canada.  These include such topics as A Day with Gene, Balancing Bodybrain and Headbrain The Body's Search for Spirit, Coming Home through Focusing, Denken wo worthe noch fehlen (German TAE), Discovering the Power of Focusing, Experiencing the Gift, -- Focusing with Children, Interactive Focusing, Learning the Focusing Steps, A New Paradigm, Presence, Existence and Space, and The Power of Listening.

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Focusing with Eugene T. Gendlin
1 DVD 120 minutes. Eugene T. Gendlin, Ph.D., introduces Focusing and gives a demonstration by working with one person on her process. During this time, references are made to the "Focusing Steps" as described in the Focusing book. The movement and progression of the process is indicated on the screen. Dr. Gendlin also introduces "partnership" which is then demonstrated by two participants. Information on this DVD is clear and helpful for both long time Focusers as well as for those who have never heard about Focusing. Read More...

Product Code: DVD-NL-FGG

$45.00 Order
The First World Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapies Conference
1 DVD 98 minutes. Eugene T. Gendlin Ph.D. address The First World Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapies Conference. Dr. Eugene Gendlin’s address to the conference was a delightful culmination of this event. This DVD gives evidence of his perspicacity, his spontaneity and his depth. His fresh and insightful responses to audience questions are legendary. In addition to a large range of topics, he addresses concerns about ethical safeguards in working with clients in a Focusing approach. He illuminates some of his Philosophical concepts from which the practice of Focusing emerged. This DVD also contains the panel discussion: What is it about your work as a Psychotherapist that makes it Focusing-Oriented? Read More...

Product Code: DVD-NL-FWC

$45.00 Order
FOT: Focusing-Oriented Therapists
2 DVDs - Disk # 1- 76 min. Disk # 2 - 80 min. Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy (FOT) is an emerging family of experiential psychotherapies based on the pioneering work of Eugene Gendlin. This process, which Gendlin named Focusing, is now considered to be the crux of therapeutic change and forward movement in psychotherapy. These eight therapists present their unique applications of Focusing-Oriented work that were the basis of their study groups which were offered at the Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapies First World Conference. Karen Whalen Ph.D. and Glenn Fleisch Ph.D., MFT Wholebody Focusing Therapy, Kevin Krycka Psy.D. Finding your World Voice, Lynn Preston MA, MS.The new Us, Joan Klagsbrun Ph.D. and Doralee Grindler Katonah Psy.D., M.Div. Finding Doorways to Spirituality in Psychotherapy, Robert L. Lee Ph.D. Using Focusing in Working with Difficult Patterns anxiety, depression, obsession, disassociation, rage, terror.  and Bala Jaison Ph.D. Integrating Experiential and Brief Therapy: Moving clients from insight to change Read More...

Product Code: DVD-NL-FOT

$90.00 Order
The Theory of Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy with Eugene T. Gendlin, Ph.D.
2 DVDs: 90 and 60 minutes. In this video, Eugene Gendlin, widely known for his Philosophy of the Implicit, the practice of Focusing, and focusing oriented therapy speaks about his essential ideas on how psychotherapy works. In it, he brings us step by step into his experiential thinking about the nature of being human and the wider implicit bodily living that can be accessed and unfolded. Read More...

Product Code: DVD-LP-FOP

$90.00 Order
Thinking Freshly from Experiencing
How Gendlin's Philosophy of the Implicit helps you Think at the Edge with Eugene T.Gendlin Ph.D. and Nada Lou. In this two-part DVD, you will have the opportunity not only to follow the Thinking at the Edge practice step by step, but to hear many of The Philosophy of the Implicit (POI) concepts explained by its creator and originator Dr. Gene Gendlin in refined and accessible ways. Set includes 2 DVD's. Read More...

Product Code: DVD-NL-TFE

$89.00 Order
Carrying Forward with Gene - FISS 2010
1 DVD 108 minutes. Watch and listen as Dr. Gendlin's philosophical texts come alive at the fifth annual FISS (Focusing Institute Summer School). In this presentation even difficult concepts become accessible to newcomers and seasoned Focusers alike. Gene’s humor and vitality become palatable as he responds to questions and topics including, what would have happened if Focusing entered society through the educational system rather than through therapy? How is God manifest in this practice? And what does he mean when he says, I don't know. Read More...

Product Code: DVD-NL-CFG

$45.00 Order
Exploring with Gene - FISS 2009
1 DVD 72 minutes. This DVD is a continuation of sharing and learning with Dr. Gendlin at the fourth annual FISS (Focusing Institute Summer School). Dr. Gendlin offers participants the opportunity to ask questions about many, different topics. There are always more and wider subject matters that participant raise, often deeply philosophical, generally practical, and widely applicable in many areas of work and daily life. Gene's grounded presence, warm attention, always nearby sense of humour and genuine human touch bring new energy to viewers and participants of a vision shared by many. Read More...

Product Code: DVD-NL-EWG

$45.00 Order
Close Encounter with Gene - FISS 2008
2 DVDs 187 minutes. This new set of 2 DVDs brings a wide variety of topics and a wealth of Dr. Gendlin's wisdom, through his interaction with participants at the third annual Focusing Institute Summer School (FISS) 2008 at Garrison. The title "Close encounters with Gene" came spontaneously out of my experience of lively interactions, challenging discussions, many surprises, and deepening understanding of Dr. Gendlin's wisdom. Read More...

Product Code: DVD-NL-CEG

$90.00 Order
In Touch With Gene - FISS 2007
1 DVD 90 minutes. On this DVD, the viewer will enjoy Dr. Gendlin's comfortable, entertaining style communicate to the audience his intricate and versatile wisdom. Through his warm presence and comfortable style, Dr Gendlin communicates the intricacy of his wisdom in a clear and entertaining manner. Read More...

Product Code: DVD-NL-ITG

$45.00 Order
A Day with Gene - FISS 2006
2 DVDs 210 minutes. Recorded at the first FISS 2006, "A Day With Gene" gives you the opportunity to enjoy Gene's company as he explores, in his inimitable style, a wide range of themes on focusing, TAE and Philosophy of the Implicit in an engaging, accessible and interactive way. "A Day With Gene" provides a way to re-connect with the profound wisdom of focusing. Read More...

Product Code: DVD-NL-DWG

$90.00 Order
Children Focusing: Being Seriously Playful with René Veugelers
2 DVDs: 74 and 47 minutes. In school or at home, many children are burdened with difficulties created by their life situations. They carry all these difficulties inside themselves into every aspect of their activities and into their adult lives. Focusing provides their teachers, parents, therapists and themselves with the skills, knowledge and attitudes to get in touch with their vitality and life energy that brings healing. In this 2 part DVD you will follow an inherently gentle, playful approach to Focusing. You will learn skills, attitudes and tools to help children to access their healing paths. In live demonstrations with 2 children, the viewer will gain a genuine feel for René’s gifts. A very impressive exhibition of children’s art work reveals inspiring stories of the power of Focusing. Read More...

Product Code: DVD-NL-CF

$89.00 Order
Focusing with Children in the Family
1 DVD 68 minutes. With John and Elizabeth Thompson and their mother Marianne. Also with Dr. Edwin McMahon. Read More...

Product Code: DVD-NL-FCF

$45.00 Order
On Three Modes Of Focusing In Therapy and The Experiencing Scales with Akira Ikemi, Ph.D.
2 DVDs 135 minutes. The outline of Dr.Ikemi’s presentation is both systematic and flowing delivery of what feels like a a continuing story full of interesting twists, references to history, art, philosophy, psychology, and activities that touch and resonate deeply. As the producer of this DVD I tried to help the viewer experience this flow. Many methods for genuine deep inner guidance and healing are blended with music, texts, and photography into a gem of Akira's brilliance and artistry. Read More...

Product Code: DVD-NL-TMF

$90.00 Order
Presence Existence and Space with Akira Ikemi, Ph.D.
1 DVD 60 minutes. In this work, Focusing Coordinator Professor Akira Ikemi Ph.D. from Japan, proposes a way of understanding Focusing and Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy. Three key concepts are central to his understanding: "Human Presence", "Existence (Felt Sense)" and "Space". It is proposed that attending to these dimensions would help understanding the central viewpoints explicated in Focusing. Read More...

Product Code: DVD-NL-PES

$45.00 Order
The Body's Search for Spirit
2 DVDs 206 minutes. This DVD series contain excerpts from several 6 Day Workshops given by Edwin M. McMahon, Ph.D. and Peter A. Campbell, Ph.D. The content of the psychological background of the Focusing process, the Focusing Steps, Process-Skipping, and many, many more subjects. Several exercises are included on the DVDs, so the viewer can discover experientially the meaning of these topics. Read More...

Product Code: DVD-NL-BSS

$90.00 Order
Facilitating Self-in-Presence: Using Language and Embodiment to Help Clients Be Their Larger Selves
1 DVD 70 minutes. In this presentation given at the Second World Conference of Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy in November 2011, Ann Weiser Cornell shows how facilitating Self-in-Presence can be done with simple shifts in language that don’t require explanation, integrating smoothly into any type of therapy. Read More...

Product Code: DVD-NL-FSP

$45.00 Order
The Interactive Focusing Process with Dr Janet Klein and Dr Mary McGuire
1 DVD 112 minutes. The Interactive Focusing Process is a forward moving edge of Focusing, incorporating Focusing into the building of relationships. Through the Interactive Focusing Process, we are able to develop empathy and compassion as well as self-empathy and self-compassion. We finally have a "how to" teach empathy and compassion using the Interactive Focusing Process. Read More...

Product Code: DVD-NL-IFP

$45.00 Order
Focusing Through Interactive Pausing:
The teacher and school experience of the Process

with Derek McDonnell and Tadhg O’Lionaird.
1 DVD 28 minutes. The background to Focusing Through Interactive Pausing, as a process of dealing with behaviour management issues, began in direct response to external factors relating to and impacting on students in a DEIS band 1 school in Ireland. The intervention, which led to this research project, was intended as an initial step in the introduction of a school-wide response to behavioural management considerations. The process of using ‘Focusing’ as a modality in the building of resilience and problem solving practice among young people began, as a targeted response to behavioural management challenges and issues of emotional self-regulation, in the pursuit of better educational outcomes for students in a disadvantaged area primary school in Ireland. Read More...

Product Code: DVD-NL-FIP

$45.00 Order
Focusing Through Interactive Pausing:
Live! A Day of Focusing in School

with Derek McDonnell
1 DVD 58 minutes. Focusing through Interactive Pausing came about as a result of Derek McDonnell, a Certified Coordinator, being asked to bring his Focusing work from individual sessions to a classroom setting in a DEIS school in Ireland. A big challenge, but one Derek was confident that Focusing could meet, became the architectural landscape for the development of this iteration of Focusing which became known as The Pause Programme and later in its present form as Focusing through Interactive Pausing. Read More...

Product Code: DVD-NL-FIPL

$45.00 Order
Some Philosophical Concepts: Philosophy - Practice
This new two disk DVD set was recorded at the live conference in New York. Disk # 1 (77min) Some Philosophical Concepts: Philosophy - In this rich animated and meticulous presentation, Dr. Gendlin explains several concepts that are building blocks of his Philosophy. “The Philosophy of Entry to the Implicit” is a Model for the modern world which keeps sharp conceptual definitions but it also includes and builds on the implicit. In his words “ There is no ‘Is’. There is only ‘Is’ and ‘Implies’”. Dr. Gendlin conveys how he uses the words “body” and “implicit”. The body is already an interaction - and living things imply not just the next movement, they imply process – their own process. Disk # 2 (73min) Some Philosophical Concepts: Practice - A delicate and sensitive ”Experiential Demonstration” on this disk is preceded by a valuable introduction of Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy. In a lively discussion that follows, Dr. Gendlin answers many interesting questions. The discussion brings a whole additional elaboration about the close correlation of Gendlin’s Philosophy and the Practice of Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy.

Product Code: DVD-NL-SPC

$89.00 Order
TAE in 14 Steps
with Eugene T. Gendlin, Ph.D. 2 DVDs 235 min.
These two DVDs have been directed and edited to illustrate each of the fourteen steps, in order. Viewing this DVDs, even stopping it on each step and going over the illustrations several times should help people actually do the steps themselves. Each step is written on the screen and there are other visual aids to help viewers keep track of which step they are seeing. We recommend this set of two DVDs as an accessible introduction to TAE. The first DVD will take you from steps 1-9 and you will see them demonstrated with a variety of people. The second DVD will pick up at steps 10 - 14 with the Theory building steps. You will see them demonstrated with several people. TAE is the second practice developed out of Gendlin's Philosophy of the Implicit. The first one is Focusing and familiarity with Focusing is assumed for TAE. Thinking at the Edge consists of 14 Steps that help people think from their felt sense of implicit knowing and generate fresh language and fresh concepts.

Product Code: DVD-NL-TAE

$89.00 Order
Focusing-Oriented Art Therapy - FOAT: Integrating Focusing-Oriented Art
with Laury Rappaport, Ph.D., ATR-BC, REAT. 1 DVDs 85 min.
Focusing-Oriented Arts Therapy (FOAT) integrates Focusing with the expressive arts therapies. In this workshop presented at the Second World Conference of Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy, 2011, Dr. Laury Rappaport presents an overview of Focusing-Oriented Arts Therapy and its three main approaches: Clearing a Space with Arts, Theme Directed FOAT, and Focusing-Oriented Arts Psychotherapy.

Product Code: DVD-NL-FOAT

$45.00 Order
A Focusing Approach to Life-Changing Illness
with Joan Klagsbrun, Ph.D. 1 DVD 66 min.
This DVD is a dynamic presentation with several experiential exercises and a lot of wisdom from Joan Klagsbrun's passionate work. It will be of interest to anybody facing illnesses themselves or their families/friends. It is also recommended for health professionals who can use a Focusing approach when dealing with people in their care. Joan brings several examples of  "mini focusing moments", which can make so much difference to people who are facing and learning to live with illness. Focusing can be the inner compass that helps people navigate through the territory of serious illness. It invites people to connect with body, mind, and spirit when making important medical decisions to perceive inner meanings rather than taking cues from others; to understand their own stories in a fresh way; to build a life-enhancing social network and to integrate the illness experience in such a way that their humanity is expanded. Using case examples and experiential exercises, this DVD will help you to discover how Focusing can be a catalyst for experiencing health in the midst of illness. Read More...

Product Code: DVD-JK-FAI

$45.00 Order
Wholebody Focusing
with Kevin McEvenue. 1 DVD 114 min.
Wholebody Focusing is the innovative work of Kevin McEvenue, powerfully combining the principles of Eugene T. Gendlin's Focusing Process with the Alexander Technique. This DVD illustrates how Wholebody Focusing comes out of the blending of two processes - Alexander Technique and Focusing. Dr. Eugene Gendlin developed Focusing as a teachable way to access our own body knowing by paying attention to what he called a "felt sense". Felt sense can "open" into a whole field of intricate detail, from which surprising steps of change come. F.M. Alexander discovered the importance of activating a physical functioning that awakens the body as a whole towards a sense of expansion and inner flow. Wholebody Focusing puts these two pieces together in a way that enhances both. In Wholebody Focusing we get in touch with the self in a whole body kind of way. This invites spontaneous movement and a sense of inner direction. We can then allow any particular part of us that needs special attention to come into relationship with this Wholebody sense. Read More...

Product Code: DVD-KM-WBF

$45.00 Order
2 DVDs 152 min. FOCUSING TEACHERS introduces six different presentations that reflect the movement of carrying the Focusing model into society through different teaching styles and approaches. There is a complimentary feel to these 2 DVDs - Focusing and Focusing Teachers. The teachers take certain highlights and themes of Gene's pioneering work, as presented on the Focusing with Gendlin DVD, and cross them with their own gifts which carries them forward in their own way. Featured are Kathy McGuire Bouwman, Neil Friedman, Ann Weiser Cornell and Barbara McGavin, Robert Lee, Mia Leijssen, Fr. Ed McMahon and Fr. Pete Campbell.

Product Code: DVD-NL-FT

$89.00 Order
Fostering Focusing with Derek McDonnell
1 DVD 92 min. This DVD is presented by Derek McDonnell as a teaching aid for our trainers to enable them to articulate from their "Inside place" the core elements of the Focusing Process - The Felt Sense and Quality Of Presence. Derek is working in a Theoretical and Experiential way with Foster Carers who are recently Certified Focusing Trainers and some new TNTs. He demonstrates how the application of Focusing helps their own stuck places and the children in their care. Read more

Product Code: DVD-NL-FF

$45.00 Order
Demonstrations of Inner Relationship Focusing: Working with a Storytelling Client
with Ann Weiser Cornell, PhD - A rare opportunity to witness an actual Focusing session guided by Ann. Features commentary both before and after the session.

Product Code: DVD-AWC-IRF

$59.95 Order
Listening Focusing Demonstrations
with Kathleen McGuire, Ph.D. 120 minutes total. Dr. McGuire discusses a wide variety of topics in Mind/Body Healing, then includes four 12-minute demonstrations of actual Listening/Focusing turns with commentary. In one 12-minute session, a woman experiences a "felt shift," going from depression/migraine to imagining "dancing." There is a palpable shift of energy in the room. This makes an excellent demonstration of the power of Focusing.

Product Code: DVD-KMG-LFD

$35.95 Order
Depression and Trauma with Shirley Turcotte with Shirley Turcotte: This three part DVD includes a 20 minute group discussion on various contributing elements of depression (vicarious, inter-generational, ping pong, situational, reactional, seasonal, familial, etc.); followed by a 20 minute interview on the impacts of depression in families and treatment considerations. The last part is a 25 minute FOT session (client-centered, therapist-driven), where the client, Shirley, works through vicarious depression triggered by a major life change.
Region 1 (U.S., Canada, U.S. Territories).

Product Code: DVD-ST-DT

$35.95 Order
Multigenerational and Vicarious Trauma with Shirley Turcotte: This DVD includes a 10 minute clinical discussion on Multigenerational and Vicarious Trauma. Many symptoms and even Felt Senses may be carried forward from Traumatic experiences. Those symptoms and felt senses may be vicarious or multigenerational memory pieces or flashbacks that are not necessarily you client’s own. The discussion is followed by a 45 minute Focusing Oriented Therapy Session (client centered, therapist driven), where the client, Anne, works through a multigenerational and vicarious trauma piece. In the last 10 minutes Shirley Turcotte debriefs the session.
Region 1 (U.S., Canada, U.S. Territories).

Product Code: DVD-ST-MVT

$35.95 Order
The Critic and Trauma with Shirley Turcotte: This DVD includes a 10 minute discussion on the role of the Critic, as a coping mechanism, where there has been trauma; followed by a 45 minute Focusing Oriented Therapy Session (client centered, therapist driven) where the client, Jack, works through trauma memories and flashbacks that lay just under the Critic. In the last 10 minutes Shirley Turcotte debriefs about the session.
Region 1 (U.S., Canada, U.S. Territories).

Product Code: DVD-ST-CT

$35.95 Order
Parenting and Trauma with Shirley Turcotte: This DVD includes a 10 minute discussion on the issues of parenting for trauma survivors; followed by a 45 minute Focusing Oriented Therapy session (client centered, therapist driven), where the client, Alexis, works through trauma memories and flashbacks triggered by parenting. In the last 10 minutes Shirley Turcotte debriefs the session.
Region 1 (U.S., Canada, U.S. Territories).

Product Code: DVD-ST-PT

$35.95 Order
Burn Out and Trauma with Shirley Turcotte: This DVD includes 12 minutes of clinical discussion on some contributing factors of Burn Out, experienced by Health Care Workers, Counsellors and Therapists working in the field of trauma; factors such as Vicarious Trauma, System Induced Trauma and personal skills, boundaries and mental and physical health. It is followed by a 45 minute FOT session (client-centred, therapist-driven) where the client, Dennis, works through vicarious/ secondary trauma, flashbacks and personal stresses contributing to the Burn Out he is experiencing. In the last 10 minutes Shirley Turcotte debriefs the therapy session and how personal history can both impact and help with Burn Out.
Region 1 (U.S., Canada, U.S. Territories).

Product Code: DVD-ST-BOT

$35.95 Order
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