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The Gendlin Online Library has been built to meet high archival standards and yet to be easily accessible to any user. The steps involved in Phase I are:

  • Selecting the order in which to put material in the library
  • Locating the original article
  • Scanning and coding it
  • Manual proof reading
  • Putting the article in a dynamic database
  • Designing and organizing the presentation of the library

This sequence has been completed for over 100 articles. The goal for Phase I is to have all the Gendlin English language articles in the library. As planned this will take about another six months to completion. So far the project is coming in at budget.

Additional funds will be needed now for maintenance, publicity and expansion into Phase II. Phase II is to add at least some of the 162 foreign language translations. Priorities are to include original materials written in German; and incorporate a special Japanese translations section from a project already completed by Akira Ikemi.

Phase III may involve adding an audio and DVD section to the library.

If you find GOL a valuable resource, please make a donation. If you wish to make a donation, please indicate in the store comments field (last page of order) that your donation is to support the GOL project.

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